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Rhumsiki Village, CameroonRhumsiki Village of the Kapsiki people in Far North Province, Cameroon
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Cameroon is a country on the west coast of Central Africa. It covers 475,442 sq km (183,568 sq mi) and has a population of about 19.2 million people (2011 estimate). Its capital is Yaoundé while its largest city is Douala.

Cameroon is bordered by Equitorial Guinea, Gobon and the Republic of the Congo to the south, the Central African Republic to the east, Chad to the northeast, and Nigeria to the west. It has a coastline on the Bight of Bonny, which is part of the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Cameroon is on West Africa Time, which is an hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time. Its traffic is on the right side of the road. The phone IDD code here is +237. The local currency is the Central African CFA. French and English are official languages of the country. In 2009, Cameroon has a nominal GDP of $22.223 billion and a per capita nominal GDP of $1,115. The per capital GDP at purchasing power parity is at $2,300.

Yaoundé, CameroonYaoundé, Cameroon
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Rhumsiki Peak, CameroonRhumsiki Peak, Cameroon
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Unlike most countries in Africa, Cameroon comprises territories which were separately colonied by the French and the British. The French-administered Cameroon gained independence in 1960 to form the Republic of Cameroun. When the British-administered Cameroons gained independence in 1961, it merged with the Republic of Cameroun to form the Federal Republic of Cameroon. In 1972 it was renamed the United Republic of Cameroon and in 1984 the Republic of Cameroon.

Also unlike many of its neighbors, Cameroon enjoys a relatively stable government, enabling the development of the country and its infrastructure. Nevertheless most Cameroonians are still living below the poverty line.

Planning your visit to Cameroon

Except for the citizens of Central African Republic, Chad, Mali and Nigeria, all other visitors need a visa before arriving. All visa applications have to be supported by a letter of invitation from a resident in Cameroon. You also need a yellow fever vaccination certificate and a signed letter from your bank stating your current balance. The six-month visa costs $150 while the 3-month visa half the price.

Major Cities in Cameroon

  1. Yaoundé - capital
  2. Douala - biggest city
  3. Bamenda
  4. Buea
  5. Ebolowa
  6. Garoua
  7. Kribi
  8. Limbe
  9. Ngaoundere

World Heritage Site in Cameroon

Cameroon ratified the World Heritage Convention on 7 December, 1992. As of August 2010, it has only one World Heritage Site, in the Cultural category. Cameroon has submitted a further thirteen properties presently on the World Heritage Tentative List.
  1. Dja Faunal Reserve (1987)
Sites in Cameroon on the World Heritage Tentative List:
  1. La chefferie de Bafut (2006)
  2. Site archéologique de Shum Laka (2006)
  3. Mégalithiques de Saa (2006)
  4. Les Gravures Rupestres de Bidzar (2006)
  5. Les Diy-Gid-Biy du Mont Mandara (2006)
  6. Le Lamidat de Rey-Bouba (2006)
  7. Les chutes de la Lobé (2006)
  8. Parc national de Korup (2006)
  9. Parc national de Campo Ma’an (2006)
  10. Parc national de Lobeke (2006)
  11. Parc national de Waza (2006)
  12. Complexe des parcs nationaux de Boumba Bek et de Nki (2006)
  13. Partie camerounaise du Lac Tchad (2006)

Places of Interest in Cameroon

  1. Korup National Park
  2. Lake Oku
  3. Mount Cameroon
  4. Ngoketunjia

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