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Landscape of MalawiLandscape of Malawi
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Malawi is a small landlocked country in southeast Africa. It comprises a strip of land bordered by Tanzania to the north, Mozambique to the south, and Zambia to the west. Lake Malawi forms a natural border separating Malawi from Tanzania and Mozambique.

Malawi covers 118,484 sq km (45,747 sq mi) and has a population of 15 million people. Its capital and biggest city is Lilongwe. Its official languages are English and Chichewa.

Boys undergoing circumcision rites in MalawiBoys undergoing circumcision rites in Malawi
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Malawi is in the Central African Time Zone, which is two hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+2). Traffic is driven on the left, just as in the United Kingdom. The electricity is 230V/50Hz using UK plug. The phone IDD code is +265. The official currency is called the Kwacha (MWK).

Malawi is a very poor country. Its 2010 estimate nominal GDP stood at $4.778 billion, which is only $336 per capita. The per capita GDP at purchasing power parity was only $925. The country has many social problems including low life expectancy, high infant mortality, high HIV/AIDs rate, all of which have sapped the country and impacted its gross domestic product.

Canoes at Monkey Bay, MalawiCanoes at Monkey Bay, Malawi
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Malawi was a colony of Britain from 1891 until its independence in 1964. From then on, it was a single-party state under Hastings Banda until 1994, when he was deposed. Today it is a multi-party democracy with a president as head of state.

Planning your visit to Malawi

Visitors from the United States, Canada, most countries of the European Union, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan do not need a visa to enter Malawi. You can get to the country by flying from Johannesburg, Nairobi and Dubai to the international airport in Lilongwe.

Sapitwa Peak, Mount Mulanje, MalawiSapitwa Peak, Mount Mulanje, Malawi
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Major Cities in Malawi

  1. Lilongwe - capital
  2. Blantyre
  3. Karonga
  4. Limbe
  5. Mangochi
  6. Monkey Bay
  7. Mzuzu
  8. Nkhata Bay
  9. Nkhatakota
  10. Zomba

Places of Interest in Malawi

  1. Cape Maclear
  2. Chisumulu Island
  3. Likoma Island
  4. Liwonde National Park
  5. Majete Wildlife Park
  6. Mount Mulanje
  7. Ntchisi Forest Reserve
  8. Zomba Plateau

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