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Anguilla is one of the small islands in the Caribbean. Covering 91 sq km (35 sq mi), Anguilla is the northernmost of the Leeward Islands, within the Lesser Antilles. Anguilla measures about 26 km (16 mi) from end to end and 5 km (3.1 mi) at its widest. The island has a population of about 14,000 (2011 estimate). The capital of Anguilla is called The Valley.

Anguilla is four hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-4). Traffic is driven on the left here, just as in Britain. The phone IDD code is +1-264. The electricity is 120V/60Hz using North American plug. The currency used here is the East Caribbean dollar.

Places in Anguilla on this website

Prickly Pear Island, AnguillaPrickly Pear Island, Anguilla
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Anguilla is a low-lying island. It is composed of coral and limestone. Surrounding the island are beautiful beaches and unspoilt coral reefs. The highest point in Anguilla is Crocus Hill, at 65 m (213 ft). The island experiences a tropical wet and dry climate. Temperature is quite uniform throughout the year, averaging about 28°C (82°F). August to November are the wettest months in Anguilla while February and March are the driest.

Anguilla is a British overseas territory. The earliest European to have sighted it may have been Christopher Columbus in 1493 or French explorers in 1564 or 1565. Its name comes from the word anguille which means "eel" in French.

English settlers arrived in Anguilla in 1650. It came under French rule for a short while in 1666, but reverted to Enlogish rule thereafter. Today the majority of its population are African Caribbeans, their ancestry being traced back to West African and Central Africa. Historians believe that African slaves have lived on the island since the 17th century.

Scilly Cay, AnguillaScilly Cay, Anguilla
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The economy of Anguilla is dependent on tourism, offshore corporation, offshore banking and fishing. The soil on the island is not suitable for large-scale agriculture. In 2004, Anguilla had a GDP at purchasing power parity of $108.9 million, equivalent to $8,800 per capita.

Planning your visit to Anguilla

There are direct flights to Anguilla from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Most tourists to the island arrive via St Maarten, which has better flight connections.

Major Cities in Anguilla

  1. The Valley
    The capital and main town on Anguilla.

Places of Interest in Anguilla

  1. Endangered Species Garden and Indigenous Local Plants Garden
  2. Hydroponic Garm and Organic Gardens

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