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Endau-Rompin National Park

Kuala Jasin, Endau-Rompin National ParkKuala Jasin, Endau-Rompin National Park
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Endau-Rompin National Park is the second designated national park in Peninsular Malaysia. Straddling the border of Pahang and Johor, this national park holds the distinction of having the world's oldest rainforest. It covers an area of 870 square kilometers, and is the second largest national park in Peninsular Malaysia after Taman Negara. There are also volcanic rocks in the national park that dates back 240 million years. The Endau Rompin National Park was named after the two main rivers that flow through the area. Sungai Rompin in Pahang flows to Kuala Rompin before emptying into the South China Sea while Sungai Endau reaches its estuary at Endau in Johor.

Today, there are three entrances to the national park, namely through Kahang, Bekok and Kuala Rompin.

Getting there

There are three entrances to the Endau-Rompin National Park, but you will need a 4WD vehicle to enter any one of them. Two of the entrances are in Johor, and one is in Pahang. At least one week before embarking on your adventure, you need to notify the Johor National Parks Corporation (tel: 07 223 7471, http://johorparks.com.my) or use a travel agent if entering from Pahang, for which you need an entry permit from the district office of Kuala Rompin - bring along two passport-size photographs and a photocopy of your passport or identity card.

Entering Johor Endau-Rompin Park through Peta

Exit the North-South Expressway at Exit 244, Air Hitam Interchange. Take Route 50 towards Kluang (going in the opposite direction takes you to Batu Pahat) and then to Kahang. Follow the signage and travel a further 7 km to reach the main entry point to Endau-Rompin (Peta). From the entry point, it is another 53km to the park headquarters at Kampung Peta.

Violin Beetle, Endau-Rompin National ParkViolin Beetle, Endau-Rompin National Park
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Entering Johor Endau-Rompin Park through Selai

This entrance was only opened since 2003. Exit the North-South Expressway at Exit 241 or 242, Yong Peng Interchange North/South, then continue on the main trunk road (Route 1), until left turn to Bekok on State Route J150.

Entering Pahang Endau-Rompin Park

From Kuala Rompin, head southwest on State Route C105 through Selendang. The 26 km dirt track takes you to Kuala Kinchin entrance to the national park.

Sights at Endau Rompin National Park

Peta Site

  1. Orang Asli Village
  2. Kuala Jasin
  3. Kuala Marong
  4. Tasik Air Biru
  5. Upeh Guling
  6. Batu Hampar
  7. Janing Barat
  8. Pantai Burung
Selai Site

  1. Kampung Selai Orang Asli Village
  2. Takah Tinggi Waterfall
  3. Takah Pandan Waterfall
  4. Takah Berangin Waterfall
  5. Takah Beringin Waterfall

Kuala Rompin Site, Pahang

  1. Padang Tujuh
  2. Singai Kinchin & Sungai Kemapan
  3. Mahkota Waterfall
  4. Upih Guling Falls
  5. Buaya Sangkut Falls
  6. Kelapa Gading Cave

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