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Hutan Lipur Batu Hampar, Kedah

Batu Hampar, KedahHere I am under a mighty tualang, at the forest of Batu Hampar, Kedah (17 July, 2015)

Hutan Lipur Batu Hampar (GPS: 5.77753, 100.39659) is a forest recreational area in Yan District, Kedah. Located just about 3 km to the southeast of Yan town, this forest park is home to a number of giant trees. Most people reach Batu Hampar from Guar Chempedak. Sungai Raga flows through the Batu Hampar Recreational Forest. It is a place that the locals come to picnic and play in the water. Some don't even notice the forest for the trees, nor the trees for the forest. The government has built pavilions and sheds for people to relax.

Batu Hampar, KedahThe rapids at Batu Hampar. (17 July, 2015)

Batu Hampar, KedahWater cascading over the rocks at Batu Hampar. (17 July, 2015)

Batu Hampar, KedahMy wife with a giant tualang tree in Batu Hampar (17 July, 2015)

Batu Hampar, KedahMy wife and I at the giant tualang tree of Batu Hampar (17 July, 2015)

I love the feel of the forest park at Batu Hampar. Although the walkways and bridges are covered in moss, they add character to the place. I can imagine myself in a Lord of the Rings type of forest.

Batu Hampar Forest ReserveMoss-covered bridge at Batu Hampar Forest Reserve (17 July, 2015)

Batu Hampar Forest ReserveSungai Raga flowing through the Batu Hampar Forest Reserve (17 July, 2015)

Batu Hampar Forest ReserveThe flow of Sungai Rage over the rocks at Batu Hampar Forest Reserve (17 July, 2015)

360° View of Batu Hampar on Google Maps Street View

Parking area at Batu Hampar.

The Batu Hampar Recreation Forest has facilities for picnicking. There are sheds and toilet facilities. The recreational forest is open daily from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. You are allowed to camp there if you seek the permission of the forest park office.

I visited Batu Hampar with my wife on 17 July, 2015. We enjoy the place so much. One thing I have to say: the facilities are badly maintained. There are ferns growing on the roof of the sheds and the toilet don't seem to be working. Being in the middle of the forest, the sheds are often damaged by falling branches, and have not been repaired. Moss is growing on the bridges.

However, we found the ferns and the moss adding mood to the whole place. What impressed me most about Batu Hampar are the trees - the biggest I have ever seen in the country. Although they are naturally smaller the the giant redwood and mighty sequoia, they are still gargantuan to me. I believe these trees are called the tualang (Koompassia excelsa). What amazed me is the size of their buttress roots, which emerge from the trunk two storeys from ground, giving the trees stability as well as drawing nutrients close to the surface of the ground. My wife and I had a number of shots taken at the base of these giant trees, keeping a close eye for any creepy crawlies.

Batu Hampar, KedahJust look at how huge the trees in the forest of Batu Hampar are! (17 July, 2015)

Batu Hampar, KedahView of the giant trees at their bases. (17 July, 2015)


Hutan Lipur Batu Hampar
Pejabat Hutan Daerah Kedah Tengah
08000 Yan, Kedah
Phone: +60 4 421 2835

How to go to Batu Hampar

Batu Hampar is in Yan. Exit the North-South Expressway at Gurun (Exit 173). At the first T-junction, turn left in the direction of Gurun and Yan (not in the direction of Jeniang and Sik). At the next T-junction (to Federal Route 1), turn right in the direction of Alor Setar, Bkt. Kayu Hitam and Yan.

Go along Federal Route 1 until Guar Chempedak. At the town intersection, turn left to Jalan Guar Chempedak (see street view below). This is a beautiful tree-lined country road, probably the most beautiful road I have seen in Kedah. I can't express it to you in photographs, you have to experience driving down the road, with trees on both sides, to enjoy the feel.

At this junction, turn left.

The tree-lined country road of Jalan Guar Chempedak passes the villages of Teroi and Titi Serong before arriving at a 4-way junction (at a place called Yan Kecil). Take the first turning on your left. Go along this road. At one point the road curves to the left, with a smaller branch going straight on. Follow the curve to the left. The road takes you in the direction of Seri Perigi. Just before arriving at Seri Perigi, there is a T-junction on your right. Take that road. It goes to a crossroad. Go straight on. The road leads to another T-junction. You will see the arrow pointing to Peranginan Batu Hampar on your left. Follow that road to the end to reach Batu Hampar.

The Forest of Batu Hampar is on the map of Forest Parks of Kedah

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