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Exploring Kulim with GPSExploring Kulim with GPS (17 August, 2015)

Kulim (GPS: 5.36821, 100.55305) is a town in southern Kedah. It is near the border with Penang, and is linked to Butterworth by the Butterworth-Kulim Expressway (E15).

In the last decade, Kulim has developed rapidly to become one of the most industrialized towns in Kedah. The Kulim Hitech Park is the impetus driving the industrial growth of Kulim and the southern part of Kedah, cashing in on its proximity to the port in Butterworth.

Location of Sights in Kulim on the map

Hotels in Kulim

  1. Hotel Seri Malaysia Kulim (GPS: 5.37124, 100.56126)
  2. Tune Hotel Kulim (GPS: 5.37124, 100.56126)

Places of Interest in Kulim

  1. Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (GPS: 5.36857, 100.55348)
  2. Kulim Golf & Country Resort (GPS: 5.40692, 100.58421)
  3. Kulim Putra Lake (GPS: 5.37191, 100.55958)
  4. Merdeka Clock Tower (GPS: 5.36615, 100.55292)
  5. Taman Tasik Bandaran (GPS: 5.37536, 100.55459)

Public amenities in Kulim

  1. Kulim Market (GPS: 5.3718, 100.55747)
  2. Kulim Padang (GPS: 5.36733, 100.55312)
  3. Kulim Public Library (GPS: 6.435766, 100.190755)
  4. Kulim Public Toilet (GPS: 5.36992, 100.55512)
  5. Mini Stadium Keladi (GPS: 5.38588, 100.55577)

Eateries in Kulim

  1. Kemunting Lake View Restaurant (GPS: 6.435766, 100.190755)
  2. Medan Citarasa Kulim (GPS: 5.37028, 100.55582)
  3. Medan Selera Taman Tunku Putra (GPS: 6.435766, 100.190755)
  4. Nasi Kandar Haja (GPS: 5.37036, 100.55513)

Places of worship in Kulim

  1. Gurdwara Sahib Kulim (GPS: 5.3763, 100.55339)
  2. Kuan Im Teng (GPS: 5.37444, 100.55471)
  3. Kulim Buddhist Association (GPS: 5.37594, 100.55445)
  4. Kulim Chinese Methodist Church (GPS: 5.37641, 100.55402)
  5. Kwong Hock Keong (GPS: 5.36972, 100.55535)
  6. Masjid Al-Jamiul Makmur (GPS: 5.36442, 100.55062)
  7. Nattukkotai Nagaraththar Sri Thandayuthapani Temple (GPS: 5.37536, 100.55459)

Townships and Housing Estates in Kulim

  1. Kulim Techno City (GPS: 5.39171, 100.5721)

Schools in Kulim

  1. Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan St Patrick (GPS: 5.37559, 100.55369)
  2. Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Chio Min (GPS: 5.373508, 100.550664)

Petrol Stations in Kulim

  1. Caltex Jalan Bukit Alwi (GPS: 5.361873, 100.546778)
  2. Petron Jalan Bukit Alwi (GPS: 5.352868, 100.530787)
  3. Petron Jalan Keranji 1 (GPS: 5.370955, 100.541838)
  4. Petronas Jalan Taman Selasih (GPS: 5.374146, 100.535374)
  5. Petronas Taman Bersatu (GPS: 5.357926, 100.542546)
  6. Shell Jalan Bukit Alwi (GPS: 5.351962, 100.530934)
  7. Shell Jalan Tunku Putra (two outlets: GPS: 5.371865, 100.555541 and 5.383022, 100.554403)

Banks in Kulim

  1. Affin Bank (GPS: 5.384055, 100.545845)
  2. Agro Bank (GPS: 5.368627, 100.554257)
  3. Ambank (GPS: 5.372235, 100.554979)
  4. Bank Muamalat (GPS: 5.390535, 100.563782)
  5. Bank Rakyat (GPS: 5.397218, 100.559229)
  6. Bank Simpanan Nasional (GPS: 5.368740, 100.554965)
  7. Cimb Bank (GPS: 5.372174, 100.555489)
  8. Hong Leong Bank (GPS: 5.372011, 100.555794)
  9. Maybank (GPS: 5.372048, 100.555569)
  10. Public Bank (GPS: 5.373941, 100.554899)
  11. RHB Bank (GPS: 5.384266, 100.545923)

Medical Attention in Kulim

  1. Hospital Kulim (GPS: 5.393259, 100.572872)

Buildings in Kulim

  1. Persatuan Hokkien Kedah Selatan (GPS: 5.3696, 100.55551)
  2. Wisma Lee Bak Hai (GPS: 5.37157, 100.55487)

Villages and Neighbourhoods in Kulim

Transport Infrastructure in Kulim

  1. Kulim Bus Station (GPS: 5.37071, 100.55829)

Forest Parks in and around Kulim

  1. Sungai Sedim Recreational Forest (GPS: 6.435766, 100.190755)
  2. Ulu Paip Recreational Forest (GPS: 6.435766, 100.190755)

Kulim on Google Maps Street View

Kulim is on the map of Kedah

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