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Peranginan Seri Perigi, Kedah

Air Terjun Seri PerigiAir Terjun Seri Perigi (17 July, 2015)

Peranginan Sri Perigi (GPS: 5.80982, 100.40693) is a forest recreation area in Yan District, Kedah. It is on the slopes of Gunung Jerai, and is roughly to the northwest of the peak. The recreational forest is best known for its waterfall, which is approached through the village of Yan Kechil. Look out for the sign for Rekreasi Sri Perigi or Seri Perigi Recreation Park as you drive from Yan Kecil.

Sri Perigi is has a two-tier waterfall. This is one of the tallest waterfalls that I have ever seen in this country. I do not know how tall exactly it is, but it is very tall and awesome. It is possible to climb up to the first tier, and from this view point, you can actually see the Straits of Malacca. But when we saw the waterfall, we surrendered! At the top of the first tier is also a pool created by the upper tier, which is the more impressive fall.

Seri Perigi WaterfallSeri Perigi Waterfall (17 July, 2015)

Seri Perigi WaterfallSeri Perigi Waterfall (17 July, 2015)

360° View of Seri Perigi Recreational Forest on Google Maps Street View

Arrival at Rekreasi Sri Perigi, Yan, Kedah.

Seri Perigi WaterfallMy wife and I at the Seri Perigi Waterfall (17 July, 2015)

My wife and I at Seri Perigi WaterfallMy wife and I at Seri Perigi Waterfall (17 July, 2015)

Seri Perigi WaterfallSignboard at the Seri Perigi Waterfall (17 July, 2015)

Seri Perigi Recreational Forest is on the map of the Forest Parks in Kedah

How to go to Peranginan Seri Perigi Recreational Forest

From the North-South Expressway, take Exit 173 to Gurun. From Gurun, continue north on the Federal Route 1 until Guar Chempedak. At the main intersection, turn left to Jalan Guar Chempedak (K146). Go all the way till you reach a 4-point junction at Yan Kechil. Take the first turning to the left, and go straight on until you see the signboard for Seri Perigi.

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