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Jalan Raja Abdullah

Jalan Raja Abdullah, Kuala LumpurJalan Raja Abdullah, Kuala Lumpur (14 June, 2017)

Jalan Raja Abdullah is one of the main roads through the Kampung Baru neighbourhood of Kuala Lumpur. It runs roughly north-south, beginning in the north at the intersection of Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz, from where it continues as Jalan Dr Latif, and ends in the south at the junction with Jalan Dang Wangi, roughly across from the junction of Persiaran Capsquare.

Jalan Raja Abdullah was originally known as Hale Road, after Abraham Hale (1854-1919), who was the Collector of Land Revenue for Kuala Lumpur and Registrar of Titles for Selangor. Hale was credited with the creation of Kampung Baru, and that was how the road leading into the village was named after him.

The present namesake of Jalan Raja Abdullah is Raja Abdullah bin Raja Jaafar1. Together with his brother Raja Jumaat, Raja Abdullah was instrumental in the opening of tin mines in the Klang Valley, particularly in Ampang. It was Raja Abdullah who brought the 87 Chinese tin miners from Lukut to the area that became known as Ampang, laying the foundation for the establishment of Kuala Lumpur.

Jalan Raja Abdullah on the map

Sights along Jalan Raja Abdullah

  1. Asrama SMK Puteri Wilayah (GPS: 3.16282, 101.70249)
  2. Klinik 1 Malaysia Jalan Raja Abdullah (GPS: 3.16129, 101.70226)
  3. Masjid Jamek Kampung Baru (GPS: 3.16421, 101.70336)
  4. Menara Bank Pembangunan (GPS: 3.15997, 101.70156)
  5. Menara DBKL 3 Bandar Wawasan (GPS: 3.15968, 101.7015)
  6. Menara SME Bank (GPS: 3.15846, 101.70101)
  7. Menara RKT (GPS: 3.15712, 101.70091)
  8. Plaza Rah (GPS: 3.16698, 101.70316)
  9. Safuan Suite (GPS: 3.15641, 101.70119; under construction)
  10. Sekolah Pendidikan Khas (GPS: 3.1619, 101.70246)
  11. Tamu Hotel & Suites (GPS: 3.16344, 101.7025)
  12. The Colony by Infinitum (GPS: 3.16099, 101.70062)
  13. Universiti Kuala Lumpur (GPS: 3.15915, 101.70145)
  14. Wisma Akar (GPS: 3.16462, 101.70265)
  15. Wisma RKT (GPS: 3.15666, 101.70083)
  16. Wisma RZA (GPS: 3.16483, 101.70266)

Jalan Raja Abdullah, Kuala LumpurJalan Raja Abdullah, Kuala Lumpur (14 June, 2017)

Jalan Raja Abdullah road signJalan Raja Abdullah road sign (14 June, 2017)

360° View of Jalan Raja Abdullah on Google Maps Street View

Jalan Raja Abdullah


  1. Kuala Lumpur Street Names by Mariana Isa & Maganjeet Kaut, published by Marshall Cavendish (2015) page 204.

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