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Jalan Raja Laut

Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala LumpurJalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur (6 July, 2016)

Jalan Raja Laut is a major road in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Formerly known as Broadrick Road, it runs roughly north-south starting from Jalan Raja to Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah (formerly Jalan Ipoh).

Jalan Raja Laut was named after Raja Laut (1850-1913), the second son of Sultan Muhammad, the third Sultan of Selangor1. He was called by that name because he was born at sea. During the Klang Wars, he sided with Raja Mahdi against Tengku Kudin. He became Raja Muda (Crown Prince) in 1900 after Raja Sulaiman ascended the throne of Selangor.

Beginning from the north, the major roads intersecting with Jalan Raja Laut includes Jalan Putra, Jalan Chow Kit, Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Dang Wangi. The other roads interesecting it includes Lengkok Raja Laut, Lorong Chow Kit, Lorong Haji Taib 5, Jalan Haji Taib, Lorong Tiong Nam 3, Jalan Sri Amar, Jalan Chagar, Jalan Merpati, Jalan Semarang, Jalan Esfahan and Jalan Bunus.

Jalan Raja Laut was named after one of the sons of Sultan Muhammad Shah (? - 1857), the third ruler of Selangor. After the death of Sultan Muhammad Shah, the throne passed to Raja Abdul Samad (1804-1898) who became Sultan Abdul Samad. Although Raja Abdul Samad is actually younger than Raja Laut, the latter was not eligible to inherit the throne, as he is Sultan Muhammad Shah's son with a concubine.

Location of Jalan Raja Laut on the map

Hotels along Jalan Raja Laut

  1. Hotel Kita (GPS: 3.16628, 101.69638)
  2. Hotel Macktz Comfort Inn (GPS: 3.163, 101.69615)
  3. New Eastern Hotel (GPS: 3.167115, 101.696234)
  4. Puteri Park Hotel (GPS: 3.16474, 101.69629)
  5. Quality Hotel (GPS: 3.15886, 101.69425)
  6. The Plaza Hotel (GPS: 3.16191, 101.69584)
  7. Yija Hotel (GPS: 3.163, 101.69615)

Train stations along Jalan Raja Laut

  1. Bandaraya LRT Station (GPS: 3.15551, 101.6944)

Shopping Malls along Jalan Raja Laut

  1. Pertama Complex (GPS: 3.15729, 101.69517)
  2. Sogo Department Store (GPS: 3.15611, 101.69539)

Banks along Jalan Raja Laut

  1. Bank Simpanan Nasional, Islamic banking branch (GPS: 3.16721, 101.69622)
  2. Hong Leong Bank (GPS: 3.16665, 101.69644)
  3. Public Bank, Bangunan KWSP (GPS: 3.15358, 101.69498)
  4. RHB Bank, Bangunan KWSP (GPS: 3.15358, 101.69498)
  5. UOB Bank, Menara UOB (GPS: 3.15447, 101.69508)

Office Buildings along Jalan Raja Laut

  1. Bangunan KWSP (GPS: 3.15358, 101.69498)
  2. Kuala Lumpur City Hall (GPS: 3.15214, 101.69416)
  3. JKG Tower (GPS: 3.16154, 101.69576)
  4. LPPKN Building (GPS: 3.15919, 101.69446)
  5. Medan MARA (GPS: 3.15812, 101.69476)
  6. Menara Bumiputra-Commerce (GPS: 3.15502, 101.69506)
  7. Menara Raja Laut (GPS: 3.16244, 101.69603)
  8. Menara Tun Razak (GPS: 3.15281, 101.69505)
  9. Menara UniAsia (GPS: 3.16094, 101.69587)
  10. Menara UOB (GPS: 3.15447, 101.69508)
  11. Wisma Bumi Raya (GPS: 3.15818, 101.69431)
  12. Wisma Public Bank (GPS: 3.16328, 101.69614)
  13. Wisma Sachdev (GPS: 3.16208, 101.69544)
  14. Wisma Sime Darby (GPS: 3.16174, 101.69476)
  15. Wisma Tan Chong (GPS: 3.1687, 101.69614)
  16. Wisma Thakurdas (GPS: 3.1618, 101.69541)

Places of Worship along Jalan Raja Laut

  1. Gurdwara Sahib Dharamsala (GPS: 3.1618, 101.69541)

Schools along Jalan Raja Laut

  1. SJK (T) Appar (GPS: 3.16074, 101.69344)
  2. SK (Lelaki) Jalan Batu (GPS: 3.16027, 101.6947)
  3. SK (Perempuan) Jalan Batu (GPS: 3.1603, 101.69554)
  4. SJK (C) Chung Kwok (GPS: 3.16074, 101.69344)

Historic Buildings along Jalan Raja Laut

  1. Capitol Cinema Building (GPS: 3.16708, 101.6967)
  2. Federal Cinema Building (GPS: 3.16769, 101.69671)

Organisations with their offices at Jalan Raja Laut

  1. Pejabat Agung PAS (GPS: 3.16378, 101.69616)

Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala LumpurJalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur (6 July, 2016)

Jalan Raja Laut road signJalan Raja Laut road sign (18 December, 2009)

How to reach Jalan Raja Laut

You can take the RapidKL Ampang Line to the Bandaraya LRT Station, which is near Jalan Esfahan.


  1. Kuala Lumpur Street Names by Mariana Isa & Maganjeet Kaut, published by Marshall Cavendish (2015) page 206.

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