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Pudu, Kuala LumpurPudu, Kuala Lumpur (8 July, 2016)

Pudu (GPS: 3.13484, 101.71355) is a place within Kuala Lumpur. It was originally a town in its own right but is today absorbed as part of the bigger city. Spelled Pudoh during the British, the area is within the vicinity of Jalan Pudu. It is best known as the location of the Pudu Prison and the Pudu Market. Pudu Prison is now gone, but for commuters, Pudu is probably best known for Puduraya, the integrated transport terminal in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Map of sights in Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

Eateries in Pudu

  1. Hailam Kopitiam, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.14596, 101.70172)
  2. KFC Jalan Pudu 2 (GPS: 3.13587, 101.71189)
  3. KFC Pudu Sentral, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.14618, 101.70055)
  4. Restoran Al-Wira, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.14461, 101.70576)
  5. Restoran Anuja, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.14614, 101.70074)
  6. Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.13733, 101.71091)
  7. Restoran Tian Siang, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.13966, 101.70991)
  8. The One Restoran, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.14471, 101.70554)

Clinics & Hospitals in Pudu

  1. Hospital Tung Shin, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.14564, 101.70367)
  2. Khor Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.14565, 101.70298)
  3. Klinik Ho, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.13491, 101.713)
  4. Klinik Hsu dan Ng, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.13478, 101.71308)
  5. Poliklinik Bandar, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.13552, 101.71263)
  6. Tzu Chi Free Clinic, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.13755, 101.70996)
  7. Wong Eye Specilist Clinic, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.14574, 101.7026)

Banks in Pudu

  1. AmBank, Jalan Pasar (GPS: 3.13534, 101.71503)
  2. CIMB Bank, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.13747, 101.71068)
  3. Maybank, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.13564, 101.71253)
  4. Public Bank, Jalan Pasar (GPS: 3.13533, 101.71488)
  5. RHB Bank, Jalan Pasar (GPS: 3.13537, 101.71521)
  6. UOB Bank, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.13599, 101.71232)

Commercial Buildings in Pudu

  1. Magnum Corporation Berhad, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.14467, 101.70496)
  2. Wisma AmBank, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.14447, 101.70521)
  3. Wisma Chha Yong Fay Choon Kuan, Jalan Pasar (GPS: 3.13488, 101.71644)
  4. Wisma IAV, Jalan Pasar (GPS: 3.13541, 101.71676)

Government Buildings in Pudu

  1. Pudu Post Office, Jalan Pasar (GPS: 3.1343, 101.71372)

Government Properties in Pudu

  1. Kuala Lumpur Police Contingent Headquarters, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.1423, 101.70631)
  2. Pudu Fire Station, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.13379, 101.71339)
  3. Pudu Police Station, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.13175, 101.71597)

Petrol Stations in Pudu

  1. Petron, Jalan Pasar (GPS: 3.13485, 101.71714)

Mosques in Pudu

  1. Masjid Jamek Alam Shah, Jalan Pasar (GPS: 3.13518, 101.7183)

Churches in Pudu

  1. Bethel Baptist Church, Jalan Pasar (GPS: 3.13468, 101.71778)

Chinese Temples in Pudu

  1. Chong Wan Xian Shi Temple, Jalan Pasar (GPS: 3.13466, 101.71399)

Hindu Temples in Pudu

  1. Courthill Sri Ganesar Temple, Jalan Pudu Lama (GPS: 3.14671, 101.70054)

Gurdwaras in Pudu

  1. Gurdwara Sahib Mainduab (GPS: 3.14625, 101.70274)

Bus Terminals in Pudu

  1. Pudu Sentral (GPS: 3.14569, 101.70048)

Businesses in Pudu

  1. KMR Motor Sdn Bhd, motorcycle dealer (GPS: 3.13467, 101.71328), 466 Jalan Pudu; Phone: +60-3-9221 2299
  2. Luckytex Auto Parts Sdn Bnd, car spare parts (GPS: 3.13487, 101.71364), 8 Jalan Pasar; Phone: +60-3-9221 3099
  3. OffGamers Sdn Bhd, (GPS: 3.13481, 101.71357), 2 Jalan Pasar. Phone: +60-3-9222 6654

Residential Properties in Pudu

  1. D'Majestic Place by Swiss Garden, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.13673, 101.7116)
  2. The Robertson Condominium, Jalan Pudu (GPS: 3.14487, 101.70455) (under construction @ Nov 2015)

How to get there

The Pudu LRT Station (SP22) is the station of RapidKL Ampang Line serving the Pudu area.

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