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Negeri Sembilan Travel TipsNegeri Sembilan Travel Tips (6 July, 2016)

B. Melayu

Negeri Sembilan Travel Tips is your guide to visit, discover and enjoy Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus (Chinese: 森美蘭; Pinyin: Sēnměilán; Tamil: நெகிரி செம்பிலான்; Romanised Tamil: Nekiri cempilāṉ), a state in the central part of Peninsular Malaysia. It has a size of 6645 sq km and a population of slightly over one million people (2007 est.) The capital is Seremban. Negeri Sembilan shares a border with Selangor, Pahang, Johor and Malacca. The state is also written as Negeri Sembilan, and the official name often includes an Arabic honorific, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus, meaning "Negeri Sembilan, Exceptional Abode".

Negeri Sembilan Travel Destination

Seremban Travel Tips


Map of Sights in Negeri Sembilan

List of sights in Negeri Sembilan

  1. Berhulucamp (Hutan Lipur Serting Ulu) (GPS: 2.91444, 102.25888)
  2. Bukit Palong (GPS: 2.584, 101.83605)
  3. De Bana Recreational Park (GPS: 3.06247, 102.41226)
  4. Hutan Lipur Lenggeng (GPS: 2.83953, 101.97754)
  5. Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul (GPS: 2.69752, 102.15792)
  6. Jeram Toi Waterfall (GPS: 2.86434, 102.01414)
  7. Kelamah River Memorial (GPS: 2.59536, 102.51909)
  8. Kota Lukut (GPS: 2.59536, 102.51909)
  9. Lata Kijang Waterfall (GPS: 2.59536, 102.51909)
  10. Pedas Hot Springs (GPS: 2.6323, 102.05462)
  11. Pengkalan Kempas Megaliths (GPS: 2.6323, 102.05462)
  12. Porterage Road (Jalan Penarikan) (GPS: 2.80783, 102.37427)
  13. Sri Menanti Palace (Muzium Diraja Istana Lama Sri Menanti) (GPS: 2.69752, 102.15792)
  14. Wan Loong Temple (GPS: 2.69752, 102.15792)

Categories of sights in Negeri Sembilan

About Negeri Sembilan

The name Negeri Sembilan means "nine states". It refers to the original nine states or districts established by the Minangkabau people who settled there from West Sumatra, Indonesia. Today, Negeri Sembilan is composed of six districts and the state capital, Seremban. Of these, four of the bigger ones namely Sungai Ujong, Jelebu, Johol and Rembau are ruled by hereditary chiefs called Undang, who undertake to select an overall ruler of Negeri Sembilan, known as the Yang di-Pertuan Besar. The system of choosing a ruler resembles the election of the Malaysian king, or Yang di-Pertuan Agong, except that the Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan holds office for life.

Districts of Negeri Sembilan

History of Negeri Sembilan

The Minangkabaus settled in Negeri Sembilan in the 15th century, at the time of the Malacca Sultanate, and were given protection by it. After Malacca fell to the Portuguese, the area came under the protection of the Sultanate of Johor, which was established by the son of Sultan Mahmud Shah, the last sultan of Malacca.

To look after the interest of the Minangkabaus, the ruler of Minangkabau in Sumatra, Sultan Abdul Jalil, sent his near relative, Raja Melewar, to be ruler. After defeating another rival to the throne, Raja Khatib, Raja Melewar was granted the title of Yang di-Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan, which means "He who is lord over the rulers of the Nine States", by the Sultan of Johor, in 1773.

A series of succession disputes ensued following the death of Raja Melewar. The British eventually intervened in 1873, resulting in the district of Sungai Ujong falling under the control of a British Resident. This was followed by Jelebu in 1886 and the rest of Negeri Sembilan in 1895. The first British Resident was Martin Lister, who was assassinated in office in his effort to quash violence between the Chinese secret societies.

The number of states within Negeri Sembilan has fluctuated throughout history. Among the former states include Naning in Malacca, Kelang in Selangor and Segamat in Johor. The present ones are Jelai, Jelebu, Johol, Rembau, Sungai Ujong and Tampin. Within a different composition, Negeri Sembilan is also divided into seven administrative districts, which are Jelebu, Jempol, Kuala Pilah, Port Dickson, Rembau, Seremban and Tampin.

Hong San Si Temple, Port DicksonHong San Si Temple, Port Dickson (29 December 2006)

Tim and Chooi Yoke in Port DicksonTim and Chooi Yoke in Port Dickson (29 December, 2006)

Going to Negeri Sembilan

Negeri Sembilan can easily be reached by road. The North-South Expressway cuts though the state.

The following are the exits to different parts of Negeri Sembilan:

  1. Exit 215: Nilai Interchange
  2. Exit 218: Seremban Interchange
  3. Exit 219A: Port Dickson Interchange
  4. Exit 220: Senawang Interchange
  5. Exit 223: Pedas Linggi Interchange

List of States in Malaysia

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