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Jelita Ostrich Farm

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Jelita Ostrich FarmAn ostrich statue at Jelita Ostrich Farm. (6 July, 2016)

Jelita Ostrich Farm (GPS: 2.75993, 101.99331) is an ostrich farm in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. It is located at Batu 6, Mukim Pantai, it is certified by the Malaysia Book of Records as the first ostrich farm in the country. The Jelita Ostrich Farm covers an area of 75 hectares. I visited the farm with my wife when we were exploring the sights in Seremban. The journey from the Seremban town centre took slightly over half an hour.

The Jelita Ostrich Farm is located within Taman Alam Veterinar, an animal park run by the Negeri Sembilan Veterinary Services Department. A private sector leased out the land to create the ostrich farm. In addition to ostriches, the farm also has other animals such as goats and turkeys.

I enjoyed myself coming face-to-face with ostriches. At the farm, there were ostrich racing demonstrations, and we were also allowed to ride the ostriches. But to be honest, I am somewhat unnerved by such activities. I mean, I am okay with patting ostriches, but to ride them, to me, borders on animal cruelty.

We were also shown how tough are ostrich eggs. We could stand on them on one leg, and they would not break. We were told that this is due to the forces around the egg which provents it from breaking, even when a lot of weight is placed over it. However, the eggs are actually brittle, and could break if knocked at the right places.

We learned that ostriches, like humans and dogs, each have their own personality. Some are quite docile while some are more aggressive. The trainers at the farm have identified the behaviour of their ostriches. So, they only allow the tame ones to be approached by visitors. Some are so friendly that you can let them eat right out of your hands.

Jelita Ostrich FarmWelcome to Jelita Ostrich Farm. (6 July, 2016)

Jelita Ostrich FarmThe ostriches at Jelita Ostrich Farm. (6 July, 2016)

Jelita Ostrich FarmMy wife and I with the ostriches. (6 July, 2016)

Jelita Ostrich FarmOh look, he's eating right out of my hand. (6 July, 2016)

Jelita Ostrich FarmMe and my new buddy, at Jelita Ostrich Farm (6 July, 2016)

Ostrich eggsOstrich eggs on the ground. (6 July, 2016)

Jelita Ostrich FarmTwo ostrich eggs could support by entire weight without breaking. (6 July, 2016)

Jelita Ostrich FarmMy wife and I standing on ostrich eggs at Jelita Ostrich Farm. (6 July, 2016)

Jelita Ostrich FarmMy wife feeding an ostrich at the farm. (6 July, 2016)

Jelita Ostrich FarmPortrait of Big Bird! (6 July, 2016)

Jelita Ostrich FarmPortrait of another Big Bird! (6 July, 2016)

Jelita Ostrich FarmOstriches at the farm. (6 July, 2016)

Jelita Ostrich FarmThere are turkeys too. (6 July, 2016)

Jelita Ostrich FarmAnd even an emu! (6 July, 2016)

Jelita Ostrich FarmOne of the goats on the farm. (6 July, 2016)


Jelita Ostrich Farm
Lot 1504, Batu 6,
Mukim Pantai, Jalan Jelebu,
Negeri Sembilan. Phone: +60-6-767 0707

Jelita Ostrich Farm is on the map of Seremban

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