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Pusat Kraf Lumut, in Lumut, PerakPusat Kraf Lumut, in Lumut, Perak (19 September, 2004)

Lumut (Simplified Chinese: 红土坎, Traditional Chinese: 紅土坎, Hokkien in Taiji romanisation: Ang3 Thor3 Kham4), (GPS: 4.23514, 100.63167) is a fishing town and tourist destination in Perak, Malaysia. It has a population of around 32,000 (2011 estimate). The town is located about 84 km from the state capital Ipoh. It is on the banks of Sungai Manjung, formerly called the Dinding River, a short distance from the river mouth.

The town of Lumut is best known as the gateway to Pangkor Island. It is also a place where visitors can purchase products from the sea, things like salted fish, ikan bilis (anchovies), belachan (prawn paste), prawn crackers, fried cuttle fish, and the like. Lumut is home to the base for the Royal Malaysian Navy, the biggest naval base on the west coast of Peninsula Malaysia, but that is not something to interest most visitors.

Location of sights in Lumut on the map

Sights in Lumut

  1. Lumut International Yacht Club (GPS: 4.23478, 100.63911)
  2. Lumut Marina Wing Waterfront (GPS: 4.23459, 100.64029)
  3. Lumut Waterfront Promenade (GPS: 4.23595, 100.63128)
  4. Taman Paya Bakau (GPS: 4.21114, 100.64692)

Categories of sights in Lumut

Transportation Hubs in Lumut

  1. Lumut Bus Terminal (GPS: 4.23493, 100.63368)
  2. Lumut Ferry Terminal (GPS: 4.23638, 100.63217)

Petrol Stations in Lumut

  1. Shell Jalan Iskandar Shah (GPS: 4.224221, 100.643809)

Information Centres in Lumut

  1. Lumut Tourist Information Centre (GPS: 4.23615, 100.63363)
  2. Pulau Sembilan Information Centre (GPS: 4.23571, 100.63315)

Residential Properties in Lumur

  1. Ramada Lumut Resort (GPS: 4.23171, 100.62755)

360° View of Lumut on Google Maps Street View

Going to Pangkor Island from Lumut

Most people use Lumut as their springboard to Pangkor Island. The ferry leaves Lumut every half an hour from the Lumut Ferry Terminal (click for more information). The journey to Pangkor Island will take approximately 40 minutes.

Recent development in Lumut has been the contruction of the Lumut Waterfront Promenade. Construction began in 2004 and RM18.8 million was allocated to develop the seafront at Lumut for a public recreational park, including the Lumut Waterfront. The Waterfont project itself will cost an additional RM28 million and is projected to be completed by 2010.

Shophouses in LumutShophouses in Lumut (19 September, 2004)

Getting there

Lumut is not located near the North South Expressway. To reach it, exit the expressway at the Bidor Interchange (Exit 130) and then take the Changkat Jong Road (Route 58) to Teluk Intan, and followed by Route 5 to Lumut.

Getting around

It is recommended that you use your own transport, as public transport is not reliable in Lumut.

Taking the Taxi in Lumut

Contact the local taxi company, Syarikat Teluk Raja Bayang, at 05 685 1368, to get a taxi.

Renting bicycles in Lumut

Yes, you can also explore Lumut on bicycle. Bicycles are available for hire at RM3 per hour or RM15 per day. Enquire at the Lumut Tourist Information Centre.

Lumut is on the map of Perak

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