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Menglembu Travel Tips

Menglembu (GPS: 4.5659, 101.04752) is a town within the Ipoh City metropolitan area. Located at the foot of the Kledang Range, Menglembu is best known for producing groundnuts. The town was a settlement of ethnic Chinese of the Hakka dialect that settled there as tin miners.

While Hakka is still spoken by the older generation, Cantonese is now used as the lingua franca in the Ipoh area.

Location of sights in Menglembu on the map

Sights in Menglembu

  1. Groundnuts Monument (GPS: 4.56848, 101.05066)

Places of Worship in Menglembu

  1. Grace Lutheran Church Menglembu (GPS: 4.56367, 101.04407)
  2. Masjid Menglembu (GPS: 4.56709, 101.04871)

Amenities in Menglembu

  1. Menglembu Police Station (GPS: 4.56613, 101.04826)
  2. Menglembu Post Office (GPS: 4.56613, 101.04826)

Petrol Stations in Menglembu

  1. Petronas Jalan Lahat (GPS: 4.55643, 101.04524)
  2. Shell Jalan Lahat (GPS: 4.5674, 101.04923)
  3. Shell Kampung Baru Menglembu (GPS: 4.55951, 101.04516)

Banks in Menglembu

  1. Bank Simpanan Nasional, 8, Jalan Besar, 31450 Menglembu; phone: 05 281 2068
  2. CIMB, 31 & 33, Jalan Lee Ming Hin, 31450 Menglembu; phone: 05 281 3657
  3. EON Bank, 116 & 117, Jalan Besar, 31450 Menglembu; phone: 05 281 2088
  4. Hong Leong Bank, 116 & 117, Jalan Besar, 31450 Menglembu; phone: 05 281 2088
  5. Maybank, Jalan Tranchell, 31450 Menglembu; phone: 05 282 0196
  6. Public Bank, 67-73, Jalan Besar, 31450 Menglembu; phone: 05 281 1014
  7. RHB Bank, 50 & 52, Jalan Besar, 31450 Menglembu; phone: 05 281 6011

Categories of sights in Menglembu

360° View of Menglembu on Google Maps Street View

Route 5 through Menglembu, Perak.

Menglembu is on the map of Perak

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