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Pangkor IslandPantai Pasir Bogak at Pangkor Island (20 September 2004)

Pangkor (GPS: 4.21254, 100.57468) is a tourist island on the west coast of Peninsula Malaysia. Pangkor has a land area of only 8 square kilometers, and a population of 25,000 inhabitants, most of whom depend on the sea for their livelihood. The island located at the estuary of the Dinding River across from the town of Lumut. The island is reachable by ferry boat from Lumut, a journey that takes approximately 40 minutes, and costs RM10 return. The pace of life on Pangkor Island is usually slow and is a perfect getaway for those seeking some solitude.

Location of places on Pangkor Island

Hotels in Pangkor

  1. Best Western Marina Island Resort Pangkor (GPS: 4.21218, 100.60367)
  2. Budget Beach Resort (GPS: 4.23181, 100.54625)
  3. Flora Beach Resort (GPS: 4.23185, 100.54594)
  4. Marina Cove Resort (GPS: 4.19219, 100.581)
  5. Nipah Guesthouse Pangkor (GPS: 4.23204, 100.5469)
  6. Palma Beach Resort (GPS: 4.23216, 100.546)
  7. Pangkor Indah Beach Resort (GPS: 4.23207, 100.54671)
  8. Pangkor Laut Resort (GPS: 4.19904, 100.54656)
  9. Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort (GPS: 4.20947, 100.5585)
  10. Pangkor Village Beach Resort (GPS: 4.21417, 100.54795)
  11. Purnama Beach Resort (GPS: 4.23177, 100.54655)
  12. Puteri Bayu Beach Resort (GPS: 4.21026, 100.55831)
  13. Sea View Hotel & Holiday Resort (GPS: 4.20888, 100.55871)
  14. Swiss Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut (GPS: 4.25991, 100.59168)
  15. Swiss-Villas and Bungalow Damai Laut (GPS: 4.25911, 100.59665)
  16. Uptown Beach Resort (GPS: 4.21429, 100.54839)
  17. Vikri Beach Resort (GPS: 4.21373, 100.55176)

Sights on Pangkor Island

  1. Batu Bersurat (GPS: 4.19927, 100.57607)
  2. Dutch Fort (GPS: 4.20046, 100.5761)
  3. Pangkor Look-Out Tower (GPS: 4.21359, 100.54486)

Categories of sights in Pangkor

Transportation in Pangkor

  1. Pangkor Airport (GPS: 4.2465, 100.55406)

Pangkor IslandView of the coast of Pangkor Island looking towards the Perak mainland. (19 September, 2004)

About Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island is hilly. There is a coastal road that goes around the island allowing you to explore it either by motorcycle or hiking. The main village, Pekan Pangkor, is on the west coast, and is a predominantly Chinese fishing village.

The main road between the east and west coasts of Pangkor Island is Jalan Pasir Bogar. It goes to the village of the same name on the beachside. There are a number of hotels in Pangkor Island. They are found mostly on the west coast and north coast. Among them include Pangkor Sea View Hotel, Sri Bayu Beach Resort, Pangkor Beach Huts, Nipay Bay Villa, Khoo Holiday Resort, Sukasuka Beach Resort, Pangkor Seagull Beach Resort, Pan Pacific Golf Resort and Teluk Dalam Resort.

The island even has a small airstrip. It used to receive regular scheduled flights by Berjaya Air from Kuala Lumpur, but the service is presently terminated.

Dutch Fort, PangkorThe wall of the Dutch Fort (20 September, 2004)

The importance of Pangkor came early in the history of Perak. When tin was discovered in Perak, Pangkor's location at the mouth of the Dinding River, made it a strategic site to control the flow of trade, particularly the flow of tine coming out from inland Perak. The Dutch, who were based in Malacca, attempted to control the tin trade some three hundred years ago trade by building a fort in Pangkor. However, the Dutch attempt is said to be unsuccessful, as they were unable to fully control the wealth of tin being taken out of Perak, and eventually, the Dutch fort was abandoned.

Today you can still explore the ruins of Dutch Fort in Pangkor. It has been conserved by the department of antiquities.

In the 19th century, tin mining in Perak resulted in a power tussle for the Perak throne, which ended with direct British intervention in the affairs of the state. The historic treaty was signed in 1874 on board a steamship off Pangkor Island, between Sir Andrew Clarke on behalf of the British, and Raja Abdullah of Perak.

Going to Pulau Pangkor

Take the North South Expressway Northern Route and exit at the Meru Raya Interchange (Exit 141). From there, continue on Federal Route 5 through Sitiawan to Lumut.

From Lumut take a ferry across to Pangkor Island. The fare is RM5.00 one way and RM10 return. The first ferry from Lumut to Pangkor Island is at 7:00 am and the last one at 8:30 pm, at 45-minute intervals, while the first ferry from Pangkor Island to Lumut is at 6:30 am and the last at 8:00 pm. The journey takes 45 minutes.

You can fly to Pangkor on Berjaya Air, which offers three flights a week (on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays) from Subang Airport to Pangkor Airport.

Fishermen's jetties at PangkorFishermen's jetties at Pangkor (20 September, 2004)

Pangkor Island

The usual way is to rent a motorcycle and ride around yourself. There are also pink-coloured minivans that ply the island.

Other places of interest on Pangkor Island

  1. Fu Ling Kong Temple: Chinese temple on Pangkor Island.
  2. Keramat Datuk Panglima Hijau: Shrine to local spirit.
  3. Pangkor Laut: Islet off the southwest coast of Pangkor Island developed as an upscale resort.
  4. Pantai Pasir Bogar: Sandy beach on the southwest coast.
  5. Pathirakaliamman Temple: Hindu temple on Pangkor Island.
  6. Pekan Pangkor: Main village on Pangkor Island
  7. Pan Pacific Jetty: Jetty for the use of Pan Pacific Resort, on the northeast coast of the island.
  8. Pantai Puteri Dewi: Lovely beach on the northwest coast.
  9. Pulau Giam: Small islet to the north of Pulau Mentagor.
  10. Pulau Mentagor: Islet off the west coast of Pangkor Island.
  11. Teluk Belanga: Bay on the northwest coast.
  12. Teluk Segadas: Secluded cove on the south side of the island.
  13. Teluk Ketapang: Beach on the northwest coast.
  14. Teluk Nipah: Bay on the northwest coast.

Pangkor is on the map of Perak

List of Islands in Perak and Islands in Malaysia; List of Towns in Perak and Towns in Malaysia

Map of Towns in Perak

 List of Towns in Perak from above map

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