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Galeri Sejarah Perak Darul RidzuanGaleri Sejarah Perak Darul Ridzuan (21 September, 2004)

Pasir Salak (GPS: 4.18232, 100.95551) is a town along the Perak River, in Perak Tengah. It is a historical site where the first British Resident of Perak, JWW Birch, was murdered.

Within the area around Pasir Salak are no less than 10 royal mausoleums to past Perak Sultans. It is at Pasir Salak that Perak handicrafts such as gold thread embroidery, Perak ceramics and Malay drums originated. Also from Pasir Salak came the Malay dances such as tarian selendang, lotah, dabus and tarian bubu.

Pasir Salak is regarded as the place where Malaysia's modern history began. Its a history that was born out of violence, for Pasir Salak is where a famous murder took place: that of James Wheeler Woodford Birch, (better known simply as J.W.W. Birch) the first British Resident of Perak, on 2 November 1875.

The main settlement of Pasir Salak is at Kampung Gajah, a village on the north bank of the Perak River.

Highlight of Pasir Salak

Pasir Salak Historical Complex


Location of sights in Pasir Salak on the map

Sights in Pasir Salak

  1. Dato Sagor Circuit, Pulau Belalang (GPS: 4.17449, 100.95095)

Schools in Pasir Salak

  1. SMK Dato' Seri Maharaja Lela (GPS: 4.17449, 100.95095)

Petrol Stations in Pasir Salak

  1. Petronas Kampung Gajah (GPS: 4.18193, 100.94433)
  2. Shell Kampung Gajah (GPS: 4.18274, 100.94291)

Amenities in Pasir Salak

  1. Kampung Gajah Police Station (GPS: 4.18405, 100.93867)

Government Buildings in Pasir Salak

  1. Pejabat Agama Islam Kampung Gajah (GPS: 4.18523, 100.94089)
  2. Rumah Rehat Kampung Gajah (GPS: .18341, 100.93989)

Pasir Salak is on the map of Perak

List of Towns in Perak and Towns in Malaysia

Map of Towns in Perak

 List of Towns in Perak from above map

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