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Dengkil Travel Tips

Dengkil (GPS: 2.85942, 101.67885) is a town in Selangor. It is located in the district of Sepang, to the south of Putrajaya. The town got its name from Kampung Dengkil. The area was traditionally oil palm plantations, but is slowly being cleared for development. Sungai Langat is the main river flowing through it.

The main road in Dengkil is simply called Jalan Baru. There is nothing much of the town. It has a secondary school and a hawker centre, among others.

Map of Dengkil

Petrol stations in Dengkil

  1. Shell Jalan Banting (GPS: 2.85839, 101.67838)

Sights in Dengkil

  1. Dengkil Hawker Centre (GPS: 2.86769, 101.67199)
  2. Dengkil Post Office (GPS: 2.86769, 101.67199)
  3. Dengkil Taxi Stand (GPS: 2.85877, 101.67867)
  4. Royal Malaysian Customs Department (GPS: 2.86242, 101.67408)
  5. SMK Dengkil (GPS: 2.86573, 101.67318)
  6. Sri Mayuranathar Srimath Pamban Swamigal Temple (GPS: 2.8512, 101.70022)
  7. Tasik Taman Dengkil Jaya (GPS: 2.8512, 101.70022)
  8. UiTM Kampus Dengkil (GPS: 2.8512, 101.70022)

Dengkil on Google Maps Street View

Jalan Baru (B15), Dengkil (Mar 2014)

Sri Mayuranathar Srimath Pamban Swamigal Temple, Dengkil (Jun 2014)

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