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Alexandra Road

Alexandra Road, SingaporeAlexandra Road, Singapore
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Alexandra Road is one of the main roads in Singapore. It starts at the intersection with Delta Road/Lower Delta Road and Ganges Avenue to the east, and the West Coast Highway in the Pasir Panjang area to the south.

Alexandra Road was created in 1864 and named after Queen Alexandra (1844-1925), the wife of King Edward VII (1841-1910).

Sights along Alexandra Road

  1. Kwan Yam Theng Buddhist Temple (GPS: 1.29173, 103.81225)

Walking Tour of Alexandra Road

We shall start our walk at the Delta Road Intersection. The whole length of this walk is 4.5 km, so it may take more than two hours to complete. On the left side of the road is an open field with the Gan Eng San School after it. On the right side is a commercial property called Delta House, at No. 2, Alexandra Road.

Further down the road, there's an overhead pedestrian crossing, with some open space to the right, with Prince Charles Crescent is a minor road leading to Prince Philip Avenue. On the left are some apartments such as the Alessandra, and flats.

At the intersection with Tanglin Road, we see the Church of God on our left and Thye Hong Centre, also on the left, across Tanglin Road. On the right, there are a few condominium developments including Tanglin Regency and Tanglin View.

The stretch of Alexandra Road between Tanglin Road and Commonwealth Road is characterized by more high rise residences. There's Queenstown Secondary School on our right, off Clarence Lane. Further down the road, you can see a four-storey temple on your left, the Kwan Yam Theng Buddhist Temple. It is next to the Volkswagen showroom, following which, there's one car showroom after another, including Kia and Hyundai.

At the intersection with Commonwealth Avenue, we can see the MRT line passing overhead. To our left, immediately after the intersection, is Lea Hin Hardware Factory. To our right is a row of old double-storey shophouses. Next to Lea Hin is the Mercedes-Benz Center, followed by the BMW showroom.

Mercedes-Benz Center, Alexandra RdMercedes-Benz Center, Alexandra Rd
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We pass a Shell and a Caltex petrol station on our right. The left side of the road continues to be dominated by auto showrooms, with Land Rover, Ford and Peugeot represented. The office of Mitsubishi Electric ends the line of auto showrooms. Now the retail aspect of Alexandra Road turns to more household in character. Just before the intersection with Queensway, there's IKEA Home Furnishings on our left. Across the road, on our right, is Anchorpoint shopping mall.

IKEA Home Furnishings, Alexandra RdIKEA Home Furnishings, Alexandra Rd
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At the intersection with Queensway, there's Queensway Shopping Centre on our right. As we approach the flyover to Ayer Rajah Expressway, the surroundings become more leafy and green. The section of Alexandra Road after the Ayer Rajah Expressway interchange is definitely greener than the earlier sections. There aren't any major landmarks at this area that we can see immediately from the roadside, except perhaps the Alexandra Arch, a beautiful pedestrian bridge across Alexandra Road near Hyderabad Road.

As we approach the intersection with West Coast Highway, we see a line of office blocks on the right side of Alexandra Road. There's Alexandra Point here, a 25-storey skyscraper next to Hewlett Packard. Another highrise is Nol Building, related to the shipbuilding industry, at 456 Alexandra Road. Right at the intersection with West Coast Highway is the PSA Building. Built in 1986, the 42-storey skyscraper houses the Ministry of Transport, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, and other companies related to the shipping industry.

We reached the end of Alexandra Road where it meets West Coast Highway.

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