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Bras Basah Road

Bras Basah Road is a street in downtown Singapore. It runs east to west in one direction. It starts from Orchard Road, at the junction with Handy Road, where the ERP gantry marks the entrance to the Central Business District, and ends at the junction with Nicoll Highway, from where it continues as Raffles Boulevard. Along the way, it forms junctions and intersections with Kirk Terrace, Prinsep Street, Bencoolen Street, Waterloo Street, Queen Street, Victoria Street, North Bridge Road and Beach Road.

Bras Basah Road was said to have been named after rice that was laid out in the sun to dry. It was constructed using convict labour. Until 1822, it may have been two roads which were later renamed as one. Between North Bridge Road and Beach Road, it was called Church Street, due to the Missionary Society chapel that stood there. Between North Bridge Road and Selegie Hill it was called Selegy Street. In a 1826 lease, the road was referred to as Cross Road. Stamford Raffles is said to have also suggested that it be called College Street.

Bras Basah Road was known by various names among the Chinese. It was known as Lau Khakukeng Khau, meaning "(Street) facing the old prison". This name came about because there was a jail between Stamford Road and Bras Basah Road. It was also called He-lang Xi Libai Tang meaning "beside the French church," in reference to the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd along the road; Tek-kok Seng-long meaning "German pharmacy" in reference to a pharmacy that used to be located there; and as Hai-kee Angmo Tua-Ok Phee meaning "beside the Seaside European High School," probably in reference to Raffles Institution that used to be located there.

Map of Bras Basah Road on the map

Sights along Bras Basah Road

  1. Carlton Hotel Singapore (GPS: 1.29592, 103.85271)
  2. Cathedral of the Good Shepherd (GPS: 1.29608, 103.85119)
  3. CHIJMES (GPS: 1.29512, 103.85226)
  4. Fairmont Singapore (GPS: )
  5. Manulife Centre (GPS: 1.29787, 103.85013)
  6. NTUC - National Trades Union Congress (GPS: 1.29663, 103.85171)
  7. Raffles City (GPS: 1.29395, 103.85333)
  8. Raffles Hotel (GPS: 1.29507, 103.85433)
  9. Rendezvous Hotel (GPS: 1.29851, 103.84931)
  10. School of the Arts Singapore - SOTA (GPS: 1.29936, 103.84862)
  11. Singapore Art Museum (GPS: 1.29734, 103.85099)
  12. SMU - Singapore Management University (GPS: 1.29632, 103.85018)
  13. SMU Information Systems (GPS: 1.2974, 103.84958)
  14. SMU School of Social Sciences and Economics (GPS: 1.29789, 103.84886)
  15. The Cathay Cineplex (GPS: 1.29944, 103.84771)

Bras Basah Road, SingaporeBras Basah Road, Singapore
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