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Do's and Dont's in Singapore

The folks in Singapore often joke that they live in a fine city - in other words, their government is very enthusiastic to fine them as soon as they go out of line. If you wish to attract a fine, there's plenty of ways to do it. Here's a few: spit on the floor, litter, use abusive language, smoke in government buildings or air-conditioned restaurants or shopping malls or at taxi stands and bus stops.

Oh by the way, chewing gum is not prohibited. Selling it or bringing it into Singapore is. So there.

Never be rude to the police. They do not tolerate impolite behaviour. On the other hand, if they are impolite to you, you can make a complaint and the government will go after them.

Always use the pedestrian crossing if there's one within the immediate vicinity. Nowadays, there are plenty of underpasses in addition to street-level crossings. Pedestrians have the right of way in Singapore - the drivers are courteous and will stop for you to cross.

Having said the above, it is actually not often that someone actually got fined in Singapore. As you walk the streets, you will notice that policemen are not at every street corner, ready to pounce on law-breakers. Somehow, the strict regulations have become effective deterrent against law-breaking.

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