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To get a driving license in Singapore, an applicant must take the Basic Theory Test (BTT), Final Theory Test (FTT) and the Practical Driving Test (PDT).

If you're a foreigner who already holds a driving license from your home country, you only need to take the BTT in order to convert your license to a Singapore driving license.

Basic Theory Test (BTT)

This is your first step towards obtaining a driving license in Singapore. To sit for this test, you have to register via any of the driving schools, see the list in the link provided. Your driving school will help you prepare for this test, which will take place about three weeks after you register for it. The test fee is S$11.25, not including training fee and the Basic Theory of Driving study book to prepare for the test. Some driving schools also let you take a trial test. Being a computerized test, the BTT will give you your result immediately.

The study book can be purchased at major bookshops or at the following driving centres:

Batok Driving Centre (BBDC)
815 Bukit Batok West Ave 5
Singapore 659085
Phone: +65-6561 1233

ComfortDelGro Driving Centre Pte Ltd
205 Ubi Ave 4
Singapore 408805
Phone: +65-6848 0617

Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC)
2 Woodlands Industrial Park E4
Singapore 757387
Phone: +65-6482 6060

These three driving centres are also where the theory driving tests are held.

Assuming that you pass this test, you can then apply for the Provisional Driving License (PDL). That's the Learner license for you to learn to drive on public roads. With this license, you are only allowed to drive in the company of a qualified driving instructor with an "L" learner plate affixed to the front and back of the car you are driving.

If you are a foreigner who already holds a driving license from your home country, you can bypass the above step to apply for your Qualified Driving Licence (QDL). That's the "full license" for regular drivers. Without an existing driving license, you need to get the PDL. To apply for the provisional driving license, you need to also take and pass an eyesight test. The fee for the provisional driving license is S$25.00. It is valid for 6 months and is renewable thereafter. In addition, if you're over 65 years old, you also have to take a medical test. Whether you are applying for the PDL or QDL, you need to bring your passport and employment pass (if any). The next step towards your full driving license is to take the Final Theory Test.

Final Theory Test (FTT)

The FTT tests your knowledge of safety aspects and proper techniques of driving. To prepare, you read the Advance Theory of Driving study book, a copy of which is available at major bookshops or at the aforementioned driving centres where the tests are held. You have to pass the FTT to reach the final step, which is to take the Practical Driving Test.

Practical Driving Test (PDT)

This is the test where the Driving Examiner watches you drive or sits in the car next to you. There are two parts to the test. The first assesses your performance on a variety of skills such as parallel parking, three-point turn, stop-and-go on a slope, and so on. The second tests your on-the-road performance in observing traffic rules and interact in real-life situation.

The examiner will mark your performance on a checklist. If you make any serious mistakes, he will fail you on the spot. Otherwise, he will give penalty points for minor mistakes. If your penalty points exceed a certain number, you fail.

Qualified Driving License (QDL)

Assuming you pass the PDT, you are issued the QDL. As a new holder of the license, you undergo a one-year probation period, during which you must display the triangular Probationary plate on the top right portion of your front windscreen and at the rear windscreen. During this period, if you accumulate up to 12 demerit points, your license will be revoked.

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