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Singapore MRT East West Line

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Train of the East West LineTrain of the East West Line (28 July, 2017)

East West Line of the Singapore MRT is a 49.2 km long mass rapid transit train line across Singapore from east to west.

At time of writing (May 2010), there are 29 stations numbered EW1 to EW29, arranged in sequence, and two additional stations for the extension line to Changi Airport, namely CG1 and CG2. The line is colour-coded in green for easy recognition.

Stations on the MRT East West Line

Tuas Link MRT Station

GPS: 1.34032, 103.63682
Station Code: EW33


Tuas West Road MRT Station

GPS: 1.33005, 103.63961
Station Code: EW32


Tuas Crescent MRT Station

GPS: 1.32116, 103.64901
Station Code: EW31


Gul Circle MRT Station

GPS: 1.31968, 103.6607
Station Code: EW30


Joo Koon MRT Station

GPS: 1.32778, 103.67853
Station Code: EW29


Pioneer MRT Station

GPS: 1.33754, 103.69692
Station Code: EW28


Boon Lay MRT Station

GPS: 1.33853, 103.70595
Station Code: EW27


Lakeside MRT Station

GPS: 1.34428, 103.72072
Station Code: EW26


Chinese Garden MRT Station

GPS: 1.34235, 103.73256
Station Code: EW25


Jurong East MRT Station

GPS: 1.33321, 103.7422
Station Code: EW24/NS1


Clementi MRT Station

GPS: 1.31532, 103.76513
Station Code: EW23


Dover MRT Station

GPS: 1.29859, 103.84599
Station Code: NS24/NE6/CC1


Buona Vista MRT Station

GPS: 1.30734, 103.79
Station Code: EW21/CC22


Commonwealth MRT Station

GPS: 1.30256, 103.79827
Station Code: EW20


Queenstown MRT Station

GPS: 1.29479, 103.80601
Station Code: EW19


Redhill MRT Station

GPS: 1.28973, 103.81648
Station Code: EW18


Tiong Bahru MRT Station

GPS: 1.28608, 103.82689
Station Code: EW17


Outram Park MRT Station

GPS: 1.30468, 103.83195
Station Code: EW16/NE3


Tanjong Pagar MRT Station

GPS: 1.27664, 103.84665
Station Code: EW15


Raffles Place MRT Station

GPS: 1.29479, 103.80601
Station Code: EW14/NS26


City Hall MRT Station

GPS: 1.29329, 103.85266
Station Code: EW13/NS25


Bugis MRT Station

GPS: 1.30106, 103.85596
Station Code: EW12/DT14


Lavender MRT Station

GPS: 1.30723, 103.86305
Station Code: EW11


Kallang MRT Station

GPS: 1.31137, 103.87131
Station Code: EW10


Aljunied MRT Station

GPS: 1.31641, 103.88304
Station Code: EW9


Paya Lebar MRT Station

GPS: 1.31813, 103.89302
Station Code: EW8/CC9


Eunos MRT Station

GPS: 1.31976, 103.90306
Station Code: EW7


Kembangan MRT Station

GPS: 1.32103, 103.91281
Station Code: EW6


Bedok MRT Station

GPS: 1.32403, 103.93002
Station Code: EW5


Tanah Merah MRT Station

GPS: 1.32725, 103.94662
Station Code: EW4


Simei MRT Station

GPS: 1.3431, 103.95355
Station Code: EW3


Tampines MRT Station

GPS: 1.3531, 103.94523
Station Code: EW2/DT32


Pasir Ris MRT Station

GPS: 1.37311, 103.94926
Station Code: EW1


Expo MRT Station

GPS: 1.33458, 103.96158
Station Code: CG1


Changi Airport MRT Station

GPS: 1.35674, 103.98857
Station Code: CG2


Train, East West LineInside the train of the East West Line, between Changi Airport and Tanah Merah stations. (26 July, 2017)

Commuters, East West LineCommuters, East West Line (26 July, 2017)

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