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Singapore Entry Requirements

People from most countries can visit Singapore as a tourist without needing a visa. The nationals of the European Union, Norway, Switzerland and the United States are allowed 90 days visa-free stay in Singapore.

Nationalities requiring visa

As of time of writing (August 2012), citizens of the following countries will need a visa. If you are a national of these countries, you must obtain your visa in advance, before arriving in Singapore.
  1. Afghanistan
  2. Algeria
  3. Armenia
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Belarus
  7. China
  8. Egypt
  9. Georgia
  10. Hong Kong
  11. India
  12. Iran
  13. Iraq
  14. Jordan
  15. Kazakhstan
  16. Kyrgyzstan
  17. Lebanon
  18. Libya
  19. Macau
  20. Moldova
  21. Morocco
  22. Myanmar
  23. Pakistan
  24. Palestinian Authority
  25. Russia
  26. Saudi Arabia
  27. Somalia
  28. Sudan
  29. Syria
  30. Tajikistan
  31. Tunisia
  32. Turkmenistan
  33. Ukraine
  34. Uzbekistan
  35. Yemen
Having a visa does not automatically gain you entry into Singapore. The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority has the final say at the Singapore checkpoint whether or not to allow entry, judging each on a case-to-case basis.

For more details of entry requirements, visit the official page of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.

Vaccination for Singapore

If most cases, you do not need a vaccination for entering Singapore. The only instance you would need a vaccination is if you were in a country where yellow fever is endemic up to six days before you arrive in Singapore.

Hepatitis A and B are prevalent in Singapore, so you might want to get a hepatitis jab before coming. The country does suffer from dengue fever epidemics from time to time, but there is no vaccine for that - you just have to take care about mosquito bites and use necessary repellants.

Getting travel insurance would be advisable, so that if you should fall sick, your insurance can pay for medical services in Singapore.

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