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Getting a Driving License in Singapore

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Tourists aged 18 and above with a valid driving licence from their home country may drive their own cars into Singapore for the duration of their visit, subject to their bringing the relevant documents, renting the In-Vehicle unit and Autopass Card (read also Arriving in Singapore by car).

Tourists aged 18 and above with a valid driving licence from their home country are allowed to drive their rented car during the duration of their visit.

Longer-term visitors aged 18 and above who are holding a Work Permit, Dependent Pass or Student Pass and has a valid driving licence corresponding to the Class 3, 3A or 2B in Singapore may drive vehicles of equivalent classes for up to 12 months using his home-country driving licence. A foreigner holding a Work Permit may not drive on public roads as part of his job, unless his Work Permit states that he is employed as a driver.

Foreigners holding an International Driving Permit are allowed to drive in Singapore for less than 12 months. Those intending to reside and drive in Singapre for 12 months or more are required to apply for a driving licence.

Classes of Driving License

These are the varioius classes of vehicular licences in Singapore:
  • Class 2: Motorcycles with engine capacity exceeding 400 cc
  • Class 2A: Motorcycles with engine capacity between 201 cc and 400 cc
  • Class 2B: Motorcycles with engine capacity not exceeding 200 cc
  • Class 3: Manual-transmission cars weighing not more than 3000 kg with no more than 7 passengers excluding driver.
  • Class 3A: Cars without clutch pedal (automatic-transmission cars)

Driving in Singapore with a Malaysian Driving License

If you are visiting Singapore for a short period of visit, specific to the length of your visa-free stay, you are allowed to drive the Malaysia-registered car that you bring into Singapore. However, if you intend to stay for a longer period exceeding one year, you should apply for a Singapore driving licence.

Driving in Singapore as a Permanent Resident

If you are given Permanent Resident status in Singapore, you are not allowed to drive unless you get a Singapore driving licence. If you already have a Malaysian driving licence, you should seek to convert to a Singapore driving licence. However, your Malaysian driving licence has to be at least 6 months older than your reentry pass to Singapore.

Applying for a Driving License in Singapore

All citizens, permanent residents and foreigners aged 18 and above who are residing in Singapore for more than twelve months may apply for a driving licence. There are two types of motorcar licences: the Class 3 licence applies for driving manual (as well as auto) transmission cars while the Class 3A licence applies for driving only the auto transmission cars.

Your first step towards obtaining your Driving License is to enrol with a Driving School or Driving Instructor who will be well-versed to advise you of the steps required and provide you the necessary training. Your driving school/instructor will prepare you for the driving test.

Click here for a list of Driving Schools and Driving Instructors in Singapore.


22 August, 2012: Singapore Minister for Foreign Affairs and Law, K. Shanmugam, commented on his Facebook page on the deteriorating driving habits on the roads of Singapore, citing three unpleasant experiences on the road. His comment drew much comments from any who agree, with some questioning the process of converting a driver's license issued by another country and asking for the process to be reviewed and tightened.
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