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Masjid Angullia

Masjid Angullia, SingaporeMasjid Angullia, Singapore (26 July, 2017)

Masjid Angullia, (GPS: 1.31062, 103.85402) also called the Angullia Mosque, is an Indian Muslim mosque on Serangoon Road in Little India, Singapore. It is named after Mohammed Salleh Eussoof Angullia, a Sunni Muslim Gujerati from Rander, north of Mumbai. According to archive documents, the land for the mosque was given to Mohammed Salleh Eussoof Angullia in 1890, and it became a mosque for Bombay Muslim community, who may have also used the mosque with the Gujerati Sunni Muslims.

Mohammed Salleh Eussoof Angullia had arrived in Singapore in 1850, to help with his family's extensive business, which extends throughout Southeast Asia, Mauritius and South Africa. He was a leader of the North Indian community in Little India until he passed away in 1904. His family continues to be the custodians of the Masjid Angullia.

Masjid Angullia, SingaporeMasjid Angullia, Singapore (26 July, 2017)

Masjid AngulliaMasjid Angullia (10 July, 2006)

Masjid AngulliaFront view of Masjid Angullia (10 July, 2006)

Masjid AngulliaSide view of Masjid Angullia (10 July, 2006)


Masjid Angullia
265 Serangoon Road
Singapore 218099

How to reach Masjid Angullia

The nearest MRT station is the Farrer Park Station (NE8) .

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