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National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery SingaporeNational Gallery Singapore (28 July, 2017)

National Gallery Singapore (GPS: 1.29019, 103.85143) is a museum in downtown Singapore. Located along St Andrew's Road, it occupies the former Old Supreme Court Building and City Hall. The gallery opened to the public on 24 November, 2015, and was officiated by President Tony Tan on 27 November of the same year.

The National Gallery Singapore is regarded as among the best regional art galleries in Southeast Asia. It provides a platform for the best artists in Singapore to showcase their works, and also serves as a catalyst for developing visual arts in the region.

During its conception, a number of working names were given to the institution, among them National Gallery Singapore or National Gallery, Singapore, are working titles for the upcoming institution, with the actual name to be confirmed when the opening approaches. The two venues will provide the biggest space for exhibiting modern Southeast Asian and Singapore art, putting it on par with other world-class national galleries, such as the National Gallery in London. Its location facing the Padang in the heart of Downtown Singapore, will also make it easily accessible.

The plan to establish a national gallery goes back to the National Day celebrations in 2005, when Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loon revealed plans afoot for the Old Supreme Court Building and City Hall. A year later, Dr Lee Boon Yang, the Minister of Information, Communications and the Arts made the official announcement that the two historic buildings will house the National Gallery Singapore.

National Gallery SingaporeSignage of the National Gallery Singapore (28 July, 2017)

The new roof of the National Gallery SingaporeThe new roof of the National Gallery Singapore (28 July, 2017)

A new roof stretches across connecting the former Supreme Court with City Hall. Designed by French architect Jean-François Milou, is patterned metal filigree that drew inspiration from thatch.1

Going to the National Gallery Singapore by public transport

On foot, the National Gallery Singapore is 350 meters from the City Hall MRT Station and 850 meters from the Raffles Place MRT Station, taking the East West Line or North South Line.

National Gallery Singapore is on the map of St Andrew's Road


1. The Straits Times: A gallery of old and new (23 Nov, 2015)

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