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North Bridge Road

North Bridge Road, SingaporeNorth Bridge Road, at the intersection of Ophir Road (8 July, 2006)

North Bridge Road (Simplified Chinese: 桥北路, Traditional Chinese: 橋北路, Pinyin: Qiáo Běi Lù, Hokkien with Taiji romanisation: Tua33 Bae1 Lor33, meaning "Main Road") is one of the major roads in downtown Singapore. It is one of the earliest roads in Singapore, running from the banks of the Rochor River (now Rochor Canal) to the banks of the Singapore River. From there, it crosses Elgin Bridge (originally known as Presentment Bridge) and continues as South Bridge Road.

Today North Bridge Road is a one-way street with traffic moving from north to south. Beginning at Crawford Street, it passes through the flats of Crawford Lane and then continues into the Kampong Glam area, intersecting and forming junctions with Jalan Sultan, Aliwal Street, Jalan Klapa, Jalan Kubor, Jalan Kledek, Jalan Pisang, Jalan Pinang and Arab Street.

After the intersection with Ophir Road, North Bridge Road continues into the European Town part of Singapore, as according the 1822 Jackson Plan. It intersects with Rochor Road, and forms junctions with Tan Quee Lan Street and Liang Seah Street. It next intersects with Middle Road in front of the National Library. Continuing in a southwest direction, it passes Purvis Street, Bain Street, Seah Street and Cashin Street.

The next major intersection is with Bras Basah Road, around CHIJMES, Raffles Hotel and Raffles City. Next is the intersection with Stamford Road, around the Capitol Building and St Andrew's Cathedral. Continuing south, North Bridge Road passes Coleman Lane and then intersects with Coleman Street at the Peninsula Shopping Centre, Funan DigitaLife Mall and The Adelphi.

Passing the Dept of Statistics and the Singapore Academy of Law, North Bridge Road reaches the intersection with High Street. To the left is the Parliament of Singapore. This is the last intersection before it reaches Elgin Bridge and Boat Quay.

Location of North Bridge Road on the map

Sights along North Bridge Road

  1. Block 7 HDB North Bridge (GPS: 1.30455, 103.86359)
  2. Block 9 HDB North Bridge (GPS: 1.30496, 103.86418)
  3. Block 12 HDB North Bridge (GPS: 1.30436, 103.86274)
  4. Block 462 Crawford Centre (GPS: 1.30461, 103.86096)
  5. Block 464 Crawford Lane (GPS: 1.30483, 103.8622)
  6. Block 466 HDB North Bridge (GPS: 1.30503, 103.8627)
  7. Block 467 HDB North Bridge (GPS: 1.30516, 103.86295)
  8. Block 468 HDB North Bridge (GPS: 1.30528, 103.86311)
  9. Bras Basah Complex (GPS: 1.2966, 103.85382)
  10. Bugis Cube (GPS: 1.29808, 103.85556)
  11. Bugis Junction (GPS: 1.29979, 103.85592)
  12. Capitol Building (GPS: 1.29355, 103.85155)
  13. Capitol Piazza (GPS: 1.29313, 103.85143)
  14. Carlton Hotel (GPS: 1.29578, 103.85297)
  15. CHIJMES (GPS: 1.29509, 103.85223)
  16. Crawford Court (GPS: 1.30487, 103.86255)
  17. DUO Singapore (GPS: 1.30068, 103.8579)
  18. EFG Bank Building (GPS: 1.29024, 103.84963)
  19. Parliament House (GPS: 1.28925, 103.84941)
  20. Funan DigitaLife Mall (GPS: 1.29147, 103.84996)
  21. Golden Beach Vista (GPS: 1.30449, 103.86309)
  22. Golden Landmark (GPS: 1.30186, 103.85789)
  23. High Street Centre (GPS: 1.29002, 103.84932)
  24. InterContinental Singapore (GPS: 1.29839, 103.85489)
  25. K.H. Kea Building (GPS: 1.29613, 103.85358)
  26. Masjid Sultan (GPS: 1.30224, 103.85898)
  27. National Library (GPS: 1.29757, 103.85416)
  28. North Bridge Centre (GPS: 1.29718, 103.85491)
  29. North Bridge Garden (GPS: 1.30415, 103.8622)
  30. North Bridge Road Market & Food Centre (GPS: 1.3057, 103.86374)
  31. Odeon Towers (GPS: 1.29617, 103.85324)
  32. Parkview Square (GPS: 1.3002, 103.85769)
  33. Parliament House (GPS: 1.28915, 103.85048)
  34. Parliament of Singapore (GPS: 1.28915, 103.85048)
  35. Peninsula Plaza (GPS: 1.29232, 103.85079)
  36. Raffles City (GPS: 1.29401, 103.85338)
  37. Raffles Hospital (GPS: 1.30115, 103.85719)
  38. Raffles Hotel (GPS: 1.29456, 103.85401)
  39. SMRT Headquarters (GPS: 1.2945, 103.85176)
  40. Southbank (GPS: 1.30638, 103.86423)
  41. St Andrew's Cathedral (GPS: 1.29227, 103.85219)
  42. Supreme Court of Singapore (GPS: 1.29034, 103.85065)
  43. Textile Centre (GPS: 1.30393, 103.86136)
  44. The Adelphi (GPS: 1.29124, 103.85103)
  45. The Treasury (GPS: 1.29082, 103.84973)

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