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Skyscrapers in Singapore

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Singapore was already the land of skyscrapers long before Asia developed. Its skyline was the envy of other Asian cities in the 1980s, before the rest of Asia began to construct skyscrapers. Today the height of skyscrapers has reach its limits, as there is a restriction to maximum height in the country. Due to this, there are three skyscrapers to have reached this maximum height, namely OUB Centre, UOB Plaza and Republic Plaza.

Although the height has been curtailed, it has not prevented architects from various parts of the world to add new cutting edge skyscrapers to the Singapore skyline. The development of Marina Bay has provided new space for their creations. On this page, we celebrate the skyscrapers that have been erected in Singapore. Also included are some of the oldest buildings that were once considered skyscrapers at the time of their construction.

Bank of China Building

GPS: 1.28562, 103.85228


Parkview Square

GPS: 1.30037, 103.85787


Tanjong Pagar Centre

GPS: 1.27713, 103.84598

  1. 6 Battery Road
    44-storey skyscraper in the Central Business District.
  2. 8 Shenton Way
    52-storey skyscraper along Shenton Way.
  3. Afro-Asia Building
    7 storey office building along Robinson Road.
  4. AIA Tower
    26-storey skyscraper along Robinson Road.
  5. Tanjong Pagar Centre
    Office building originally built in 1954, and expanded in 2000 to be now 36 storeys tall.
  6. BEA Building
    Office building along Robinson Road.
  7. Capital Tower
    52-storey skyscraper along Robinson Road.
  8. Change Alley Aerial Plaza
    Overhead bridge with revolving restaurant.
  9. Chevron House
    36-storey skyscraper at Raffles Place.
  10. Chow House
    Low-rise office building along Robinson Road.
  11. Comcentre
    32-storey skyscraper on Exeter Road.
  12. CPF Building
    46-storey skyscraper along Robinson Road.
  13. DBS Building
    50-storey skyscraper along Shenton Way, one of the oldest in the Central Business District of Singapore.
  14. Fuji Xerox Towers
    38-storey skyscraper along Anson Road.
  15. Furama City Centre
    Hotel with shopping arcade in Chinatown.
  16. Hitachi Tower
    36-storey skyscraper at Collyer Quay.
  17. Hong Leong Building
    45-storey skyscraper at Raffles Quay.
  18. International Plaza
    50-storey skyscraper along Anson Road, one of the tallest buildings in Singapore at the time of its completion.
  19. Liat Towers
    High-rise office block with shopping mall along Orchard Road.
  20. Marina Bay Financial Centre
    The biggest development project in Singapore, in terms of gross floor area.
  21. Marina Bay Sands Hotel
    Integrated resort at Marina Bay.
  22. MAS Tower
    Headquarters of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, at Shenton Way.
  23. Maybank Tower
    32-storey skyscraper on Battery Road.
  24. OCBC Centre
    52-storey office skyscraper along Chulia Street.
  25. Ocean Financial Centre
    43-storey skyscraper at Raffles Place.
  26. Ocean Tower
    27-storey skyscraper at Raffles Place.
  27. One Marina Boulevard
    32-storey skyscraper at the junction of Marina Boulevard and Collyer Quay.
  28. One Raffles Quay
    High-rise office complex comprising a 50-storey block and a 29-storey block.
  29. OUB Centre
    63-storey skyscraper at Raffles Place.
  30. Overseas Union Trust Building
    10-storey office building on Robinson Road.
  31. Parakou Building
    16-storey office building at the junction of Robinson Road and McCallum Street.
  32. Pickering Operations Complex
    43-storey skyscraper on Pickering Street.
  33. Republic Plaza
    66-storey skyscraper at Raffles Place.
  34. Robinson Centre
    20-storey office building on Robinson Road.
  35. Robinson Point
    21-storey commercial block along Robinson Road.
  36. Robinson Tower
    13-storey office building along Robinson Road.
  37. Shenton House
    25-storey office building along Shenton Way.
  38. SIA Building
    40-storey head office of Singapore Airlines along Robinson Road.
  39. SIF Building
    6-storey along Robinson Road.
  40. Singapore Land Tower
    48-storey skyscraper at Raffles Place.
  41. The Concourse
    42-storey skyscraper along Beach Road.
  42. The Corporate Building
    7-storey office building along Robinson Road.
  43. The Corporate Office
    29-storey skyscraper along Robinson Road.
  44. The Gateway
    Twin 40-storey skyscrapers along Beach Road.
  45. Tung Centre
    24-storey skyscraper at Collyer Quay.
  46. UOB Plaza
    Bank complex comprising two skyscrapers linked by a lobby.

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