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First off, I have to say that you do not need to engage a tourist guide to explore Singapore. Through this website, I hope to provide you all the tools necessary in discovering and enjoying your visit to this island nation.

Needless to say, engaging a tourist guide means added expence. Having said that, a seasoned tourist guide can make a big difference in your Singapore experience. He or she can provide you glimpses into "what make Singapore ticks", in ways that is impossible to translate from the pages of a website or from a guidebook. Tour guides can also help you make arrangement that will cut down on time spent doing it yourself.

The following is an unvetted list of licensed tourist guides (updated as of August 2012) which you may contact, arranged in alphabetical order. I do not make personal recommendation of any of these guide, but if you receive a guide experience using any of the guides listed here, please write to let me know and I may in future add your recommendation on this page.

  1. Cecilia Chow (tel: 96962089; emaol: cchowys@yahoo.com.sg; English)
  2. Chan Ching Hwa (tel: 90907390; email: cch_charles@yahoo.com.sg; English)
  3. Chandra Mogan (tel: 93863990; English)
  4. Daniel Ong (tel: 96337365; email: ongcd@singnet.com.sg; English)
  5. David Tan (tel: 96720684; email: david_tan_49@hotmail.com; English & Japanese)
  6. Geraldene Anne Luth Lowe (tel: 67375250; email: geraldenestours@hotmail.com; English & Italian)
  7. Harbhajan Singh (tel: 96324297; English)
  8. Jean Teo (tel: 97502040; email: cyensze@singnet.com.sg; English)
  9. Jeanne Yeo (tel: 96166352; email: jyol@starhub.net.sg; English)
  10. Jerry Jay (tel: 93890327; email: jaytoh97@yahoo.com; English)
  11. Jimmy Sim (tel: 81122121; email: jsbkmail@gmail.com; English)
  12. Judy Ng (tel: 92966302; English)
  13. Lau Yuet Ni (tel: 96960652; email: lauyn@yahoo.com; English)
  14. Linda Jay (tel: 97642717; email: jaytoh97@yahoo.com.sg; English)
  15. Muthalagu Meyyappan (tel: 96166961; email: meyna@mayor.com.sg; English & Japanese)
  16. Nanda Manjit Kaur (tel: 90094938; email: kaur63@msn.com; English)
  17. Naslin Abdul Aziz (tel: 98809569; email: naslinto@yahoo.com; English)
  18. Ortega M.G. Sydney (tel: 97202157; English)
  19. Peggy Chee (tel: 97435544; English)
  20. Phillip Reginald Ching (tel: 97579156; English)
  21. R. Sobahna (tel: 96848991; email: shoash@pacific.net.sg; English)
  22. Ramachandran s/o Gopalsamy (tel: 91824348; English)
  23. Seetho Khye Choong (tel: 82536307; email: kcseetho@yahoo.com; Mandarin & English)
  24. Susan Wan (tel: 96263515; email: wanytsusan@gmail.com; English)
  25. Teo Ai Fee (tel: 81000273; email: kenny_nhk@hotmail.com; English)
  26. Victor Lim (tel: 96543476; email: chowlim@singnet.com.sg; English)
  27. Victor Ong (tel: 94591801; email: singvictor123@yahoo.com.sg; French & English)
  28. Wendy Tan (tel: 97917910; English & Mandarin)

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