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Taitung City, TaiwanTaitung City, Taiwan
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[an error occurred while processing this directive] Taitung is a city in the southeastern coast of Taiwan. The seat of Taitung County, Taitung City covers 110 sq km (42 sq mi) and has a population of 109,600 people (2011 estimate).

The city of Taitung is perhaps best known as the gateway for visiting Green Island and Orchid Island, two offshore islands located off the coast of Taitung. The city was established in the 16th century as a settlement by the Puyuma and Amis tribespeople. During Dutch administration and subsequent Qing Dynasty, the area was called Beinan. The city was known as Taitung Town until 1976, when it was granted city status.

Dong He Township, Taitung CountyDong He Township, Taitung County
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Going to Taitung

By Train
The East Coast Express Route train takes you from Taipei to Taitung in around seven hours. You can also get there from Kaohsiung in between two to three hours.

By Plane
Taitung has a small airport served by regular domestic flights from Taipei and Kaohsiung.

Chenggong Coast, TaitungChenggong Coast, Taitung
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Places of Interest in Taitung

  1. Chihpen Forest Recreation Area
  2. Chihpen Hot Springs
  3. Clear Awakening Temple (Chingchuehssu)
  4. National Museum of Prehistory (Kuoli Taiwan Shichien Wenhua Powukuan)
  5. Palace of the Empress of Heaven (Tienhou Gung)
  6. Peinan Culture Park
  7. White Jade Waterfall (Baiyu Pupu)

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