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My Little Bookself is where I write about my books. I have quite an extensive "little" bookshelf, and they are the ingredients that form by body of thought. Actually what you see listed below is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more books, but I have no time to write about them, and am sharing a faction of my collection. Some are out of print while others are still available on Amazon. Many, especially by local authors, carried their autographs.

You may also join me in discussing books. To do that, join My Little Bookshelf Facebook Group. This is where you can share with other members the books that you own, and even the books you have written.


  1. Dogs

Art & Architecture

  1. Gothic Art


  1. Biographical Dictionary of Merchantile Personalities of Penang
  2. Enid Blyton
  3. Unsung Patriot: Wong Pow Nee


  1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad


  1. Asian Pies
  2. Mooncake Sonata


  1. Protein Power
  2. Wheat Belly


  1. China: The World's Oldest Living Civilization Revealed
  2. Pirates, Predators of the Seas
  3. Socio-Historical Development of the Kampung Cina Settlement in Kuala Terengganu
  4. The Origin of Chinese Kongsi
  5. The Straits Chinese


  1. Fujianese Dictionary and Phrasebook

Non Fiction

  1. The King's Speech


  1. Chinese Clans in Penang
  2. Complete History of the World
  3. Penang - Rites of Belonging in a Malaysian Chinese Community
  4. Penang's History, My Story
  5. The Chulia in Penang
  6. The Pinang Peranakan Mansion


  1. Encyclopedia of Plants & Flowers

Tintin in Malay

  1. Pulau Hitam


  1. When China Rules the World

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