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I have photographed many places in the world. The photos appearing in my websites are either taken by me or by a third party (whose name is appropriately caption with the licensing of the said photo thus attributed).

The photographs shot by me are copyright protected and may not be used without my permission. Many of them have appeared in travel guides, magazines, calendars, and so on, under license from me.

If you wish to use any of my photos, just write to me, letting me know (a) which photo (provide me the link to the webpage in which the photo appears - if you are using Google Chrome, just right click on the photo, select copy image URL, then paste on your email to me), (b) what you wish to use if for, and (c) how much you are willing to pay for it.

All my photos are available on willing-to-pay basis, so I don't name the price, I expected you to name a price that you deem fair according to your intended use. All payment is for one-time usage. If I am agreeable to the price, I will email you the high resolution copy of the photo.

None of my photos appear in royalty-free CDs. I do not allow free commercial use of my photos in exchange for credits.

To make use of any of my photographs, simply write to me,

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