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Beartooth Scenic Byway, one of the National Scenic Byways of AmericaBeartooth Scenic Byway, one of the National Scenic Byways of America
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National Scenic Byways of America are selected routes within the United States that have been recognized for their outstanding archaeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational and/or scenic qualities. Of these, the most scenic qualify to be known as All-American Roads.

As of 1 January 2011, there are 120 National Scenic Byways and 31 All American Road. They are located in 46 of the states (all except Hawaii, Nebraska, Rhode Island and Texas). To be nominated to the National Scenic Byway designation, the route must first be designated a state scenic byway. It must meet at least one of the six scenic bymays intrinsic qualities. To be designated an All-American Road, it must meet at least two of the six qualities.

Qualities for nomination include Scenic Quality, Natural Quality, Historic Quality, Cultural Quality, Archaeological Quality and Recreational Quality. Scenic Quality means the route must pass through a striking landscape or sites of visual appeal. Natural Qualty includes geological formations, bodies of water or wildlife. Historic Quality means it is associated with significant historic events. Cultural Qualify refers to customs, traditions that are practised along the route, such as crafts, dance, rituals, food or special events. Archeological Quality refers to historic or prehistoric evidence, such as ruins, artifacts and strutural remains along the way. Recreational Qualtity means the route provides opportunity for active or passive recreational experiences, such as skiing, hiking, boating and the like.

List of National Scenic Byways of America

  1. A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway, Florida
  2. Acadia Byway, Maine All-American Highway
  3. Alaska's Marine Highway, Alaska All-American Highway
  4. Amish Country, Ohio
  5. Arroyo Seco Parkway Scenic Byway, California
  6. Ashley River Road, South Carolina
  7. Beartooth Scenic Byway, Montana/Wyoming All-American Highway
  8. Billy the Kid Trail, New Mexico
  9. Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina/Virginia All-American Highway
  10. Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway, Delaware All-American Highway
  11. CanalWay Ohio Scenic Byway, Ohio
  12. Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway, Oregon
  13. Catoctin Mountain Scenic Byway, Maryland
  14. Cherohala Skyway, North Carolina/Tennessee
  15. Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway, South Carolina
  16. Chesapeake Country Scenic Byway, Maryland
  17. Chinook Scenic Byway, Washington All-American Highway
  18. Coal Heritage Trail, West Virginia
  19. Colonial Parkway, Virginia All-American Highway
  20. Colorado River Headwaters Byway, Colorado
  21. Connecticut River Byway, Massachusetts/New Hampshire/Vermont
  22. Copper Country Trail, Michigan
  23. Coronado Trail Scenic Byway, Arizona
  24. Coulee Corridor Scenic Byway, Washington
  25. Country Music Highway, Kentucky
  26. Creole Nature Trail, Louisiana All-American Highway
  27. Crowley's Ridge Parkway, Arkansas/Missouri
  28. Death Valley Scenic Byway, California
  29. Delaware River Scenic Byway, New Jersey
  30. Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway, Colorado/
  31. Ebbetts Pass Scenic Byway, California
  32. Edge of the Wilderness, Minnesota
  33. El Camino Real, New Mexico
  34. The Energy Loop: Huntington/Eccles Canyons Scenic Byway, Utah
  35. Flaming Gorge-Uintas Scenic Byway, Utah
  36. Flint Hills Scenic Byway, Kansas
  37. Frontier Pathways Scenic and Historic Byway, Colorado
  38. George Washington Memorial Parkway, Virginia All-American Highway
  39. Geronimo Trail Scenic Byway, New Mexico
  40. Glenn Highway, Alaska
  41. Gold Belt Tour Scenic and Historic Byway, Colorado
  42. Grand Mesa Scenic and Historic Byway, Colorado
  43. Grand Rounds Scenic Byway, Minnesota
  44. Great River Road, Arkansas/Illinois/Iowa/Mississippi/Wisconsin
  45. Hells Canyon Scenic Byway, Oregon All-American Highway
  46. Highland Scenic Highway, West Virginia
  47. Historic Bluff Country Scenic Byway, Minnesota
  48. Historic Columbia River Highway, Oregon All-American Highway
  49. Historic National Road, Illinois/Indiana/Maryland/Ohio/Pennsylvania/West Virginia All-American Highway
  50. Historic Route 66, Arizona/Illinois/New Mexico
  51. Illinois River Road: Route of the Voyageurs, Illinous
  52. Indian River Lagoon Scenic Highway, Florida
  53. International Selkirk Loop, Idaho/Washington All-American Highway
  54. Jemez Mountail Trail, New Mexico
  55. Kaibab Plateau-North Rim Parkway, Arizona
  56. Kancamagus Scenic Byway, New Hempshire
  57. Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail, Ohio
  58. Lake Tahoe-Eastshore Drive, Nevada
  59. Lakes to Locks Passage, The Great Northeast Journey, New York All-American Highway
  60. Las Vegas Strip, Nevada All-American Highway
  61. Lincoln Highway, Illinois
  62. Little Dixie Highway of the Great River Road, Missouri
  63. Loess Hill Scenic Byway, Iowa
  64. Logan Canyon Scenic Byway, Utah
  65. McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass Scenic Byway, Oregon
  66. Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Route, Illinois
  67. Merritt Parkway, Connecticut
  68. Midland Trail, West Virginia
  69. Millstone Valley Scenic Byway, New Jersey
  70. Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway, Minnesota
  71. Mohawk Towpath Byway, New York
  72. Mountains to Sound Greenway - I-90, Washington
  73. Mt. Hood Scenic Byway - Oregon
  74. Natchez Trace Parkway, Alabama/Mississippi/Tennessee All-American Highway
  75. Native American Scenic Byway, North Dakota/South Dakota
  76. Nebo Loop Scenic Byway, Utah
  77. North Shore Scenic Drive, Minnesota All-American Highway
  78. Northwest Passage Scenic Byway, Idaho All-American Highway
  79. Ohio River Scenic Route, Illinois/Indiana/Ohio
  80. Old Canada Road Scenic Byway, Maine
  81. Outback Scenic Byway, Oregon
  82. Pacific Coast Scenic Byway, Oregon All-American Highway
  83. Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway, Minnesota
  84. Payette River Scenic Byway, Idaho
  85. Pend Oreille Scenic Byway, South Dakota
  86. Pioneer Historic Byway, Idaho
  87. Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway, Maine
  88. Red River Gorge Scenic Byway, Kentucky
  89. Red Rock Scenic Road, Arizona All-American Highway
  90. River Road Scenic Byway, Michigan
  91. Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway, Oregon
  92. Route One, Big Sur Coast Highway, California All-American Highway
  93. Route One, San Luis Obispo North Coast Byway, California All-American Highway
  94. Russell-Brasstown Scenic Byway, Georgia
  95. San Juan Skyway, Colorado All-American Highway
  96. Santa Fe Trail Scenic and Historic Byway, Colorado/New Mexico
  97. Savannah River Scenic Byway, South Carolina
  98. Schoodic Scenic Byway, Maine
  99. Seaway Trail, New York/Pennsylvania
  100. Selma to Montgomery March Byway, Alabama All-American Highway
  101. Seward Highway, Alaska All-American Highway
  102. Sky Island Scenic Byway, Arizona
  103. Skyline Drive, Virginia
  104. Sheyenne River Valley Scenic Byway, North Dakota
  105. Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike, West Virginia
  106. Stevens Pass Greenway, Washington
  107. Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway - SR 112, Washington
  108. Talimena Scenic Drive, Arkansas/Oklahoma
  109. Talladega Scenic Drive, Alabama
  110. Tamiami Trail Scenic Highway, Florida
  111. Tioga Road/Big Oak Flat Road, California
  112. Top of the Rockies, Colorado
  113. Trail of the Ancients, Colorado/Utah
  114. Trail of the Mountain Spirits Scenic Byway, New Mexico
  115. Trail Ridge Road/Beaver Meadow Road, Colorado All-American Highway
  116. Turquoise Trail, New Mexico
  117. Utah's Scenic Byway 12 - A Journey Through Time, Utah All-American Highway
  118. Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway, California/Oregon All-American Highway
  119. Washington Heritage Trail, West Virginia
  120. West Cascades Scenic Byway, Oregon
  121. Western Heritage Byway, Idaho
  122. Wetlands and Wildlife Scenic Byway, Kansas
  123. White Mountain Trail, New Hampshire
  124. Wilderness Road Heritage Highway, Kentucky
  125. Woodward Avenue, Michigan
  126. Journey Through Hallowed Ground Byway, Maryland/Pennsylvania/Virginia

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