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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Philadelphia is the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania, USA. It has a population of 1.54 million people and a metropolitan population of 5.8 million, making it the sixth largest city in the United States.

Philadelphia ExchangePhiladelphia Exchange
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Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the United States. The area where the city is located has been explored by different European powers since early 1600's. There were disparate settlements founded by the Dutch, British and Swedish in the Delaware Valley area. The Swedes in particular took control over large tracts of land in what is present-day Philadelphia and parts of Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

In 1681 William Penn was granted a charter to colonize what was to become Pennsylvania. Nonetheless Penn paid the local Lenape tribe for the land, so as not to antagonise them. Having endured religious persecution himself, Penn took great pains to ensure that his settlement practises religious tolerance. This help endeared him to the local tribes and in turn helped to spur the growth of Philadelphia, a name which Penn coined from the Greek for "brotherly love".

Kimmel Center for the Performing ArtsKimmel Center for the Performing Arts
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Philadelphia's central location made it a significant player in America's early history. It was here that the United States Declarationn of Independence was signed, and it was around Philadelphia also that several battles were fought.

Philadephia was the temporary capital of the United States from 1790 to 1800, while waiting for the Federal Capital to be built in Washington, D.C. Even as the state capital and then the federal capital relocated elsewhere, Philadelphia had by the turn of the 19th century become the largest city in the newly formed United States. Although New York City soon surpassed it in size, Philadelphia had reinvented itself as a developing industrial center as well as transportation hub.

Night time in PhiladelphiaNight time in Philadelphia
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The population of Philadelphia reached its peak in 1950 before ebbing. The 19th century manufacturing plants were replaced by service industries and gleaming skyscrapers replaced old warehouses and factories.

Travel to Philadelphia

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is the largest airport in the Delaware Valley. To leave the airport, you can take either the taxi or the train run by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, SEPTA. The taxi fare to downtown Pennsylvania is a flat rate of $28.50. The SEPTA's R1 railway line connects the airport to downtown. The tickets are available on board for $7 cash.

Philadelphia City HallPhiladelphia City Hall
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Travel within Philadelphia

Downtown Philadelphia is a great city to explore on foot.

The trains by SEPTA is probably the most convenient way for budget travels to get around in Philadelphia. Single-ride tickets are available at the ticket counter for $6 each. You can also buy a day pass of $10 for unlimited rides.

Places of Interest in Philadelphia

  1. African American Museum
    Museum exhibiting works by African American along with stories of famous African Americans in Philadelphia.

  2. Atwater-Kent Museum
    Museum that chronicles the history of Philadelphia.

  3. Betsy Ross House
    House of the woman who stitched the first American flag.

  4. Christ Church Cemetery
    Cemetery at Independence Mall where Benjamin Franklin and other historic figures were buried.

  5. College of Physicians of Philadelphia/Mutter Museum
    College founded in 1787 includes museum with a fascinating collection of preserved specimens, skeletal constructions and wax figures.

  6. Eastern State Penitentiary
    A format of solitary confinement jail proposed by the Philadelphia Quakers.

  7. Elfreth's Alley
    Oldest residential street in Philadelphia.

  8. Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
    Major performing arts venue on Broad Street.

  9. Independence Hall
    Site where the US Declaration of Independence was signed.

  10. Independence Mall
    Urban park in Philadelphia with several well-preserved heritage structures.

  11. Independence Seaport Museum
    Museum entrusted to preserve US maritime history and traditions.

  12. Liberty Bell Center
    Site housing the Liberty Bell which was rung during the Declaration of Independence.

  13. Masonic Temple
    Heritage building that served as the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania.

  14. National Museum of American Jewish History
    Museum that chronicles the history of Jews in America.

  15. Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
    School founded in 1805 includes a museum chronicling the history of American paintings.

  16. Philadelphia Museum of Art
    Museum with a superb collection ranging from 15th century illuminated manuscripts to modern works of art.

  17. Philadelphia Zoo
    The oldest zoo in America founded in 1859.

  18. Reading Terminal Market
    19th century farmer's market created underneath a train shed.

  19. The Barnes Foundation
    Museum housing the private collection of pharmaceutical magnate Albert C. Barnes.

  20. Second Bank of the United States
    One of the finest examples of Greek Revivial architecture in America.

  21. US Mint
    The oldest mint in the United States.

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