Be God's Instrument of Salvation


Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Greetings. I write this message to people who call themselves the Believers of the Lord Jesus Christ. I don't care if you call yourself Methodist or Lutheran or Presbyterian, or whatever, this message is for Christians.

Now, do you call yourself a Christian? By that, I mean:
  1. Do you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died for your sins, do you admit that you were a sinner, and the only way to reach God is through Jesus Christ?

  2. Do you go to church?

  3. Do you read the Bible?

  4. Do you go into all the world to tell all people that Jesus Christ died for them, and the only way to reach God is through Him?

Many people have no problem with telling others that they are Christian. They go to church and they read their Bibles regularly. But a lot of people are unable to say that they have followed Jesus Christ's instruction, as recorded in Mark 16:15, to go into the world and spread the Good News.

The thought of "going into the world" conjures images of missionaries in the far, dark corners of the world, carrying the Gospel into inhospitable lands. Indeed that was what many Believers did in centuries past, and many are still doing today. However, technology has evolved to such a stage that it is no longer necessary for us to physically go into all the world.

I am writing to you today, to remind you that you too, can be God's Instrument of Salvation without ever leaving your desk, and through the power of your words, win as many (or even more) souls for God than those who went into all the strange, foreign lands. You can now carry the Good News to the far reaches of the earth without spending much money, and you can do it in the comfort and privacy of your own home. How?

Through the amazing coverage of the Internet. The web is becoming a powerful tool for Believers to spread the Gospel to all the far corners of the earth. I am one of those who is using it to full advantage. As proof, you may be reading my message to you, though we are thousands of miles apart. Through my websites, God's message, as encapsulated in the Introducing God's Good News, can find its way onto the screen of many non-Believers, be they sitting in a café in Paris, or in a hut in Patagonia.

Living in a country where it is officially against the law to spread the Gospel to Muslims, I appreciate how precious God's Good News is to mankind. Although I am not allowed to preach to the Muslims in my country, and hence, as a law-abiding citizen, I would not do such a thing, there are so many non Believers in the whole world that have yet to hear the Good News. Each time someone reads a webpage I have written, he will have the opportunity to learn about God's Free Precious Gift just waiting for him to accept and receive it. Whether or not he accepts it, is something I leave to him and God. But the fact that I have made the connection is all that matters to me, for I know, even this small act, makes a difference between Salvation and Damnation.

As a Christian, you know that God wants as many people to be saved as it is possible, and Jesus has personally told us to carry out the work. While going to church, having fellowship with other Believers, and reading the Bible are all important, the work that God has given us is not any less important, and should also not be neglected. And today, with the Internet, we can do this work so easily, there is really little excuse not to do it. The last thing we want, is to meet Jesus Christ one day, and have Him say to us, "You claim to follow me, yet even this you cannot do?"

So I am writing this, not only to urge you, but also to help you become God's Instrument of Salvation.

How to be God's Instrument of Salvation

If you are able to read this message, then for sure you have access to the Internet. What you can do is, you can create a website or blog where you can explain the Gospel to non Believers. You can create a free website at Google Sites or a free blog at Blogger. You can freely refer to what I put in my own literature, Introducing God's Good News, for inspiration.

Once you have your site up, you can place a link at the bottom of the email signature, so that people receiving your emails will see it. Alternatively, if you have a website, you can also place it at the bottom of your website.

If creating your own page is too much effort for you, you are free to place a link to my Gospel page. Even your act of sending non Believers to that page will be counted by God.

Things to Remember

  1. There are more non Believers than you can reach. Don't overwhelm yourself that you can't reach every one of them.

  2. Even if you are able to expose the Gospel to just one Believer, it is already better than not doing anything at all.

  3. Let God do His work and you do yours. Non Believers should never be forced to accept the Gospel. If it is God's will that they accept, then they will. If it is not in God's will, no matter how much you persuade, it will not work. Your duty is not to bend God's will, yours is to do the work God has given you to do.

  4. Nobody needs to know of your Gospel effort. It's strictly between you and God. Don't worry that as a result of your effort, someone somewhere get to know God, but you do not know about it. God knows it, and He will tell you one day, when you meet Him personally. Accumulate your treasures in Heaven, not on this earth. Read The Preacher's Coffer.

  5. In God's eyes, everything you do is recorded. So you don't really have to keep a record of how many people you have brought to God. When you meet God one day, He will show you the numbers. Every minute detail of our life on earth has been recorded. Your meeting with God is not a cursory interview. It is one that can stretch for eternity, many times longer than your life on earth. During that time, you can find out everything you did on this earth, the number of times you stand up, the number of steps you walked, the number of times you use the word "the", and so on. When everything can be played back and shown to you, you do not want the number of times you spread the Gospel to stand at zero.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, what reward do I get for telling you this? Well, my reward is stored in Heaven, just as yours will be. I don't come to you seeking your money, and I don't come to you asking you to do things that are unlawful. I come to you because you yourself acknowledge that you are a Believer, and as a Believer, you are reminded of your duty. So I come to you with the reminder, and to provide you with some help and tool, so that, when you meet God, you can't say to him, "You want me to spread your Good News to all the world, but You never sent me any tools to use."

Today He sent me.

Some Tools That You Can Use

  1. God's Good News to You
    This is my message introducing the Good News that God wants all mankind to receive. You are free to make use of part or the whole of it in your own message.

  2. If Tomorrow Never Comes
    Why it is urgent for everybody to have an opportunity to hear about God's Good News.

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