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Castel Sant'Angelo, RomeCastel Sant'Angelo, Rome
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Italy is one of the biggest travel destinations in Europe. Millions of tourists and travellers visit its many cities, including the eternal Rome, the romantic Venice, stylish Milan, and more. The country is shaped like a high-heeled boot, and is one of the countries in the Mediterranean region.

Italy can boast for having more World Heritage Sites than any other country on earth. In addition, it is famous for its cuisine and its many ancient monuments.

Major Destinations in Italy

Categories of Sights in Italy

When to visit Italy

The climate of Italy differs from the extreme north to the extreme south. The wettest months are October to December, and the north receives the highest rainfall.

The following is the average maximum and minimum temperature of selected cities in Italy:
  1. Bologna: Minimum (Jan) 2°C; Maximum (Jul, Aug) 23°C; Average 13°C
  2. Florence: Minimum (Jan) 5°C; Maximum (Jul) 24°C; Average 14°C
  3. Milan: Minimum (Jan) 1°C; Maximum (Jul) 22°C; Average 11°C
  4. Pisa: Minimum (Jan) 6°C; Maximum (Aug) 23°C; Average 14°C
  5. Rome: Minimum (Jan, Feb) 8°C; Maximum (Jul, Aug) 23°C; Average 15°C
  6. Venice: Minimum (Jan) 2°C; Maximum (Jul, Aug) 22°C; Average 12°C

Sant Andrea Basilica, Vercilli, ItalySant Andrea Basilica, Vercilli, Italy
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What to wear in Italy

Foreigners to Italy often comment that the Italians dress smartly, especially in cities such as Milan. For practical purposes, pack lightweight clothing for summer, unless you are going to the Italian Alps. The temperature guide above provides an indication of what you should be wearing to feel comfortable at different times of the year.

Italy Entry Requirements

The citizens of Australia, Britain, Canada, the United States and EU countries do not need a vis to visit Italy. For citizens of other countrys, please check with the Embassy of Italy in your country. Of the aforementioned countries, you need to have a passport with at least 3-month validity. Nationals of EU need only produce proof of EU citizenship in the form of a valid national identity card.

Naples, ItalyNaples, Italy
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Planning your visit to Italy

The main entry point for tourists to Italy are Rome, Milan, Bologna, Naples, Pisa, Venice and Turin.

Arriving in Rome
Flights to Rome arrive at its two international airports: the Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino International Airport (FCO) and the smaller Ciampino International Airport (CIA).Both airports are managed by ADR, or Aeroporti di Roma.

Getting out of Fiumicino Airport
  1. by Leonardo Express Train: Ticket costs 11.00 euro. Train goes to Roma Termini station, and takes 30 minutes. Get your ticket stamped in the yellow validation machine before using it. The ticket expires 90 minutes after validation.
  2. by Metropolitan Train: Ticket costs 5.50 euro, disembark at Tiburtina Station or Ostiense Station.
  3. by Terravision buses. Journey takes 70 minutes to Roma Termini station.
  4. by taxi. Fixed fare between Fiumicino Airport and city centre is 40.00 euro each way, fee for luggage is 1.00 euro each.
Getting out of Ciampino Airport
  1. by Terravision buses ( Ticket costs 8.00 euro one way or 13.50 euro return. Journey takes app. 40 minutes to Roma Termini station.
  2. by Sit Bus Shuttle ( Ticket costs 6.00 euro one way or 10.00 euro return. Journey takes app. 40 minutes to Roma Termini station.
  3. by Schiaffini buses ( Operates buses to the Anangina metro station, 1.20 euro one way, and to the Ciampino local train station, also 1.20 euro one way. Journey takes 45 minutes for each.
  4. by taxi. Ignore touts (may turn out to be an expensive option) and go straight to taxi stand. Fare using the meter between Campino Airport and city centre is approximately 30.00 euro each way. Campino is outside Rome city limits. The fare for the first 10 minutes is in Zone 2. Once taxi enters the ring highway, make sure the driver changes the fare to Zone 1.

Neolithic remains at Mores, SardiniaNeolithic remains at Mores, Sardinia
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Travel within in Italy

To explore Italy by train, check out the Trenitalia website, It is a great way to see Italy independently. Trenitalia has also made available the Trenitalia Pass, which allows you three to ten days of unlimited travel on the Italian rail network, over a span of two months. It also provides discounts on selected ferry services, hotels and other special offers. In addition, check out Rail Europe, ( for other unlimited rail travel possibilities in Italy.

Termini Station, named after the ancient Roman baths, is the main railway station in Rome. It is one of the largest stations in Europe, with 29 platforms. However, it is not open 24 hours a day, and in fact, is locked up every night from 12:30 am to 4:30am. Trains arriving in Rome during those wee hours of the day uses the Tiburtina station, which is the second-largest in Rome, and one being developed to cater to high-speed trains.

Money matters in Italy

Italy uses the Euro, €. Banknotes are in denominations of €500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 while coins are in denominations of €2 and 1, and 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cents. Banking hours differ between cities but are generally Mon-Fri, 8:30am to 1:30pm and 3:00pm to 4:00pm.

Jagged peaks of Le Torri del Vaiolet in the Dolomites, ItalyJagged peaks of Le Torri del Vaiolet in the Dolomites, Italy
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