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Temple Tree at Bon TonTemple Tree at Bon Ton (19 February, 2017)

B. Melayu

Temple Tree at Bon Ton (GPS: 6.30825, 99.72439) is a boutique hotel in Langkawi, Kedah. Located within its own compound about a hundred meters from the main road, Jalan Pantai Cenang, Temple Tree is an ensemble of period buildings, each of which are over half a century old. These buildings which would otherwise may have been demolished at their original sites, were salvaged and relocated here, where they are readapted as boutique residences.

There is a total of seven period buildings in the complex, which is just next to Bon Ton Resort of the same ownership. Part of the proceeds from Temple Tree and Bon Ton is channeled to support LASSie (Langkawi Animal Shelter & Sanctuary Foundation), an organisation that rescues stray animals (particularly cats and dogs) and give them a new home.

Temple Tree derives its name from a banyan tree with a Datuk Kong shrine at its foot. The tree and shrine are still in their original location within the compound of the resort.

Temple Tree at Bon TonHere I am at the signage for Temple Tree at Bon Ton (19 February, 2017)

Period Buildings at Temple Tree

The following are the period houses at Temple Tree. The names shown are the presently given names, not the original names of the structures.

Straits Club

This is the reception building of Temple Tree. It houses a dining room and a library, among others, with staff quarters at the back. The building is a single-storey bungalow. Previously called Bahagia, it was built in the 1920s at York Road, Penang, and belonged to a Eurasian family that sold it to a Malay family. The building proper is flanked on either sides by verandahs.

Straits Club, Temple TreeStraits Club at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Straits Club, Temple TreeThe interior of Straits Club at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Straits Club, Temple TreeMy wife and I at Straits Club, Temple Tree. (19 February, 2017)

Chinese House

This is one of the oldest houses in Temple Tree Resort. Originally built by a Chinese family in Batu Pahat, Johor about a hundred years ago, this two-storey farm house was relocated next to the resort swimming pool. Today the house has been restored and readapted to house two luxurious suites, one on the ground floor and another upstairs, both affording splendid views of the swimming pool.

China House, Temple TreeChina House, Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

China House, Temple TreeSide view of China House, Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Penang House

As the name suggests, this raised bungalow (known in Penang Hokkien as phu3kha3lau2) originates from Penang. It was built somewhere at Pangkor Road near Gurney Drive. The house was originally built in the 1930s.

Penang House, Temple TreeThe interior of Penang House at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Penang House, Temple TreeKing-size bed at Penang House, Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Penang House, Temple TreeThe rear portion of Penang House at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Penang House, Temple TreeThe bathtub at Penang House, Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Black & White House

This is a lovely timber-framed Malay house that was originally built in the 1940s in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan. Raised from the ground on pedestals, the house is now painted black and white. The wooden carvings have been restored to their original design.

Black & White House, Temple TreeBlack & White House at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Black & White House, Temple TreeFront view of the Black & White House at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Black & White House, Temple TreeMy wife and I at the Black & White House at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Colonial House

This is yet another house that came from Penang. Originally built in the 1920s for an Arab gold trader, this two-storey bungalow has a full length of wooden French windows across its upper floor. The building has been restored to house four suites, two downstairs and two upstairs. A common space is available on the ground floor as a private lounge.

Colonial House, Temple TreeThe front façade of Colonial House at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Colonial House, Temple TreeSide view of Colonial House at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Colonial House, Temple TreeView towards the front door at Colonial House, Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Colonial House, Temple TreeView towards the rear quarters of Colonial House, Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Colonial House, Temple TreeSitting area downstairs at the Colonial House, Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)


This was originally the living quarters of estate workers. Originally built in Pasir Putih (now a suburb of Ipoh) in the 1940s, it has been relocated here and readapted to house five hotel suites.

Estate House, Temple TreeEstate House, Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Plantation House

This is a two storey wooden house. Not much information is available about it. I suspect it was a farmhouse or a plantation house belonging to a Chinese farming family. The front entrance leads into a living room. A side door takes you to a central courtyard, with more living quarters in the rear.

Plantation House, Temple TreePlantation House at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Plantation House, Temple TreeThe front view of Plantation House at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Plantation House, Temple TreeMy wife and I inside Plantation House at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Plantation House, Temple TreeRear courtyard at Plantation House at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Bungalow (Under Restoration)

This final building is still under restoration at the time of my visit in February, 2017. It is a handsome two-storey structure built of bricks on the ground floor, and wooden on the top floor. It has a porch with arches. I hope to be able to revisit it one day, when it is fully restored.

Bungalow, Temple TreeA ray of evening sun piercing through the porch of the Bungalow at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Bungalow, Temple TreeView of the not yet fully restored Bungalow at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Bungalow, Temple TreeAnother view of the Bungalow at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

The Pools at Temple Tree

There are two pools at Temple Tree, one beside Straits Club and a bigger one in front of China House.

Pool, Temple TreeThe side pool at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Pool, Temple TreeDeckchairs beside the main pool at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Pool, Temple TreeView of the main pool, with China House behind it (19 February, 2017)

Our Stay at Temple Tree at Bon Ton

My wife and I joined four others from our blogging community as guests of Temple Tree for a review stay here on 19-20 February, 2017. There were the six of us, my wife Chooi Yoke and me, another couple Jayne and Christopher, and two sisters Emily and Xherlyn. We arrived at Temple Tree from Cinta Sayang Resort in Sungai Petani. After a journey of some two hours from Kuala Kedah, we arrived at Kuah Jetty around 4:00pm, and was fetch by Mr Amir, the resort manager. As we only has a two-day one-night stay in Langkawi, and two of those in the group was visiting Langkawi for the first time, Amir gave us a whirlwind tour, with a stopover at Tanjung Rhu. Then we hightailed to Temple Tree, arriving at 6:00pm.

Not having any meal since breakfast, some of us were famished, so we ordered some food from Temple Tree's menu. After our meal, we were ready to check in to our rooms. Jayne and Christopher got a suite at China House, Emily and Xherlyn got Penang House, while my wife and I got Colonial House.

Straits Club, Temple TreeEmily, Xherlyn, my wife Chooi Yoke, myself, Jayne and Christopher at the dining room of Straits Club, with Temple Tree manager Amir. (19 February, 2017)

We carried our luggage to our respective suites before visiting one another. Every one of our suites was incredibly beautiful in its own way. Jayne and Christopher's suite has that rustic feel, like living in a farmhouse. The bathroom has wooden paneling from which you can see outside (and Peeping Toms can peep inside!) There is a nice sitting area and a bar.

The suite occupied by Emily and Xherlyn occupies the front portion of the house. It is spacious, with a king-size bed in one room, and another bed in another room across the hall. The bathroom is also incredibly spacious.

Penang House, Temple TreeXherlyn and Emily at Penang House (19 February, 2017)

Our own suite is on the rear side of Colonial House. To reach it, we have to go up a flight of stairs. Reaching the top, we were delighted, for the suite was very spacious. It has a living area and bedroom combined into one, with a separate bathroom area. Our has mosquito netting, and the electric mosquito repellent. In addition, there is a bottle of Gamat Cream and Oil, which is useful for mosquito bites. Now what are they trying to tell me?! Well, this is what I can tell you: we were not harassed by mosquitoes at all that night.

Colonial House, Temple TreeInterior of our suite at Colonial House, Temple Tree Resort (19 February, 2017)

Colonial House, Temple TreeOur suite in Colonial House at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Colonial House, Temple TreeA huge selection for our breakfast at Colonial House at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Colonial House, Temple TreeTwin wooden bathtubs at our Colonial House suite at Temple Tree (19 February, 2017)

Colonial House, Temple TreeAnd now we know how it feels to be enveloped by mosquito netting. (19 February, 2017)

Temple Tree by BontonOur suite at Temple Tree Resort in Langkawi (19 February, 2017)

However, we are not accustomed to sleeping inside a mosquito net, and I dare say it felt a bit stuffy. We also felt that the air conditioning does not fully cover the whole large room, so if you really want to feel the cold air, you have to stand near the air con.

After we have freshen up, it was time for us to leave for a tour of the local pasar malam. This pasar malam takes place at Padang Matsirat (so it's called the Padang Matsirat Night Market). I will describe it in great detail on a separate page.

The next morning, I discovered, to my great annoyance, that I had damaged the lens of one of my DSLRs (the bag it was in fell off my lap to the ground the day before). That was a bummer, but luckily it was not the main camera that I use.

Breakfast for us that morning has been prepared the evening before. It's a huge selection of bread, our choice of coffee or tea, jam, honey, orange juice and yogurt.

After breakfast, we went over to Bon Ton Resort to get to know it. I will write about Bon Ton on a separate page also.

Then we checked out of our resort, and went on a short trip to Oriental Village, which is the base for the Langkawi Cable Car. We did not take the cable car, as there just wasn't enough time to do that, but just visited the outlets.

On our way to Kuah Jetty, we stopped over as Restoran Siti Fatimah for lunch. It is Malay rice meal. I quite enjoyed it even though we arrived a bit late, so the choices were much fewer already.

We arrived at Kuah Jetty with ample time for us to do some shopping before taking the ferry back to Penang.

Datuk Kong shrine at Temple TreeThe shrine and tree that gave the name Temple Tree to the resort. (19 February, 2017)

Temple Tree at Bon Ton is on the map of Langkawi

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