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CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortCS Cafe, Cinta Sayang Resort (1 June, 2018)

 Timothy Tye

My wife and I were thrill to be invited to visit Cinta Sayang Resort on 1-3 June, 2018. This is a lovely resort in Sungai Petani, nestled in the midst of a golf course, with a water theme park (called The Carnivall) located just next to it.

After breakfast, we took a leisurely drive to Sungai Petani, and arrived at Cinta Sayang Resort at 11:30am, just in time for our lunch. Checking in to the resort was smooth. Leaving our luggage in the car, we first went to have our lunch at CS Cafe, where we were attended to by Mr Johari. CS Cafe has a quiet elegance to it. Since this happened to be the Holy Month of Ramadan, there were fewer diners at the restaurant (but as we would soon see, the crowds would come later in the evening, for the Ramadan buffet).

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortThe elegant CS Cafe at Cinta Sayang Resort (1 June, 2018)

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortSwing seats at CS Cafe (1 June, 2018)

Ordering from the menu, I had the nasi lemak set while my wife picked the salmon. For our beverages, I ordered a latte while my wife had a milk shake. What a satisfying lunch after the long journey!

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortLook - that's my lunch. The set comes with so many different items. (1 June, 2018)

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortMy wife enjoys a juicy, chunky slam of grilled salmon - so delicious. (1 June, 2018)

One of CS Cafe's specialities is the cake. It has a wide selection of cakes, all of which are so mouth watering. We tried the chocolate cake and the cheese cake. As it turned out, we were being too ambitious, for we couldn't finish the big meal. So we asked the they pack up the cakes for us, which we enjoyed later in our room.

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortChocolate Cake. (1 June, 2018)

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortCheese Cake. (1 June, 2018)

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortCS Cafe is a great place to, well, eat cake! (1 June, 2018)

Afterf our lunch, we met up with Miss Nadia and Miss Shafa, our hosts for this visit. I am so pleased to meet them in person, rather than just names on email correspondences. I look forward to working with them in giving the resort regular visibility on my website. I then returned to the Front Office to get the keys to our room.

The rooms at Cinta Sayang resort are in a semi-chalet type. These are built in clusters. Each "chalet" has several rooms clustered to a single corridor. Our bedroom is spacious and comfortable (but we already know that, as we've stayed here before in 2017). It has two single beds, a sofa, writing desk, wardrobe, mini fridge, safe deposit box and ensuite bathroom. Let me show you around. All over the room, the motif are horses, some I can't be sure whether they are horses or zebras!

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortOur bedroom at Cinta Sayang Resort. (1 June, 2018)

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortOur bedroom at Cinta Sayang Resort. (1 June, 2018)

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortThe washbasin and toiletries in our bathroom. (1 June, 2018)

That evening, we enjoyed a sumptuous Ramadan Buffet. It was a festive occasion with guests from all over Sungai Petani. I couldn't tell you how many different dishes there were, I simply lost count! We went from food station to food station, stall to stall, checking out what was available. We selected this, we selected that, until our whole table was full! But - we finished everything!

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortA sumptuous Ramadan buffet at Cinta Sayang Resort. (1 June, 2018)

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortFood galore at Cinta Sayang Resort's Ramadan Buffet. (1 June, 2018)

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortAll sorts of kuih at Cinta Sayang Resort's Ramadan Buffet. (1 June, 2018)

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortHaving a great time at Cinta Sayang Resort's Ramadan Buffet. (1 June, 2018)

The next morning, we had a fun time at the Cinta Sayang Resort Golf Course. Upon arriving there, we were met with the resort's resident pro, Mr Mohammad Zamri. To our great delight, we got a chance to ride on the golf buggy. It was so easy to manoever, and once we got the hang of it, we had a great time following Mr Zamri who was in the buggy in front of us.

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortMy wife's in the driver's seat and we're all smiles as we made our way through the Cinta Sayang Resort Golf Course. (1 June, 2018)

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortMr Mohammad Zamri and I at the Cinta Sayang Resort Golf Course. (1 June, 2018)

After we have finished sightseeing the golf course, Mr Zamri gave us a lesson in playing golf. There is an on-site golf school where we could practise hitting the ball. Seeing golf on TV, I would have expected it to be a breeze, but I soon discover that I have no future in golf! Even my wife hit the ball better than me.

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortLearning to play golf. (1 June, 2018)

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortMy wife practising at the golf school. (1 June, 2018)

Later that afternoon, we met up with Miss Nadia and Miss Shafa again. This time, they were taking us to The Carnivall Water Theme Park next door. The water theme park is also operated by Cinta Sayang Resort. As it was the Ramadan month, the water theme park opened to the public at 2:00pm. When we got there, it was just before 2:00pm. Alas, the timing was not quite ideal for swimming, as it was intensely hot. So I only went around to take some photographs of the place.

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortMy wife practising at the golf school. (1 June, 2018)

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortIt was so hot and bright that day, we could hardly open our eyes. (1 June, 2018)

Evening was yet another round of Ramadan feasting. And again, what a crowd! It looked like half of Sungai Petani must have converged on Cinta Sayang Resort. Again, there was plenty to eat, we were spoilt for choice.

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortEvery day, Cinta Sayang Resort's Ramadan Buffet attracts massive crowds. (1 June, 2018)

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortAnother day, another feast. So much to eat at Cinta Sayang Resort. (1 June, 2018)

CS Cafe, Cinta Sayang ResortMy wife getting ready for another round of feasting at Cinta Sayang Resort. (1 June, 2018)

Our three days at Cinta Sayang Resort passed like in the blink of an eye. We had such a wonderful time, not just with the actvities, but also simply staying at our comfortable room in the resort. Even on holiday, I am always working on my website, updating and adding content. I could do that at Cinta Sayang Resort, with its fast Internet connection.

Soon it was time for us to say good bye to the resort. My wife and I had a wonderful vacation at Cinta Sayang Resort, and we would like to thank the management and staff of the resort for their warm hospitality. Indeed, everywhere we went in the resort, we were received by friendly staff. I want to express our thank you to Mr J. Kumar, the General Manager, as well as to Miss Nadia, Miss Shafa, Mr Mohammad Zamri, Mr Johari and all the other members of the Cinta Sayang Resort team for this weekend escape. I so look forward to revisiting it in the future.

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