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Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Kuala Lumpur

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Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah is one of the main roads in Kuala Lumpur. It was created on 26 November, 2014, when the Kuala Lumpur City Hall renamed the stretch of Jalan Ipoh between Jalan Segamut and Jalan Pahang in honour of the late Sultan Azlan Shah, the 9th King of Malaysia and 34th Sultan of Perak, who passed away on 28 May, 2014 that year.

Jalan Ipoh starts at the intersection with Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Pahang and Jalan Raja Muda in the Chow Kit area. From here, the first major junction is the one-way exit from Jalan Raja Laut. Next is an interchange flyover with Jalan Tun Razak, which is also the Kuala Lumpur Middle Ring Road 1. Following that, the next interchange flyover is at Sentul Link.

Location of Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah on the map

Hotels along jalan Sultan Azlan Shah on the map

The following hotels are located in the vicinity of Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah.

  1. Comfort Hotel (GPS: 3.17299, 101.6918)
  2. Dynasty Hotel Kuala Lumpur (GPS: 3.17191, 101.69217)
  3. Grand Pacific Hotel (GPS: 3.17191, 101.69217)
  4. Bestotel City Centre (GPS: 3.17772, 101.68616)

Sights along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

  1. Lotus Five Star Sentul Cineplex

Eateries on Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

  1. BBQ Restaurant (GPS: 3.16971, 101.69574)
  2. KFC Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah (GPS: 3.18018, 101.68353)
  3. Lahore Restaurant & Caterers (GPS: 3.16967, 101.69504)
  4. Ras Balouch Pakistani Restaurant (GPS: 3.16967, 101.69581)
  5. Restaurant Pak Punjab (GPS: 3.16992, 101.69525)
  6. Restoran Foo Chow (GPS: 3.16976, 101.69556)
  7. Restoran Mehran (GPS: 3.16784, 101.69743)
  8. Restoran Thalappakatti Briyani (GPS: 3.17763, 101.68629)
  9. River Garden Chinese Cuisine (GPS: 3.18013, 101.68244)

Petrol Stations on Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

  1. Petron Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah (GPS: 3.18291, 101.68116)
  2. Petronas Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah (GPS: 3.17847, 101.68519)
  3. Shell Batu 3 Jalan Ipoh (GPS: 3.17569, 101.68853)
  4. Shell Ipoh Chow Kit (GPS: 3.16846, 101.6975)

Banks on Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

  1. Affin Bank, Phone: +60-3-4042 5554 (GPS: 3.18006, 101.68279)
  2. Alliance Bank, Phone: +60-3-4041 2288 (GPS: 3.16879, 101.69686)
  3. Bank Muamalat, Phone: +60-3-4042 7487 (GPS: 3.18249, 101.68107)
  4. Bank Rakyat Ipoh Road Branch, Phone: +60-3-4042 3244 (GPS: 3.17046, 101.69372)
  5. Maybank, Phone: +60-3-4042 8030 (GPS: 3.17987, 101.68296)
  6. Public Bank, Phone: +60-3-4042 7487 (GPS: 3.17987, 101.68296)
  7. RHB Bank Jalan Ipoh, Phone: +60-3-4042 8068 (GPS: 3.1679, 101.69733)
  8. Standard Chartered (GPS: 3.16861, 101.6971)

Clinics on Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

  1. Klinik Tan (GPS: 3.16934, 101.69542)

Hospitals on Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

  1. Bangunan Kit Ming (GPS: 3.1702, 101.69506)
  2. Hospital Aman (GPS: 3.17152, 101.69332)

Parks on Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

  1. Sentul West (GPS: 3.17869, 101.68621)

Churches along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

  1. St James Church (GPS: 3.17419, 101.69103)

Hindu Temples along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

  1. Sri Paranjothy Vinayagar Temple (GPS: 3.17857, 101.68501)
  2. Sri Thandayuthapani Temple (GPS: 3.17636, 101.68743)

Schools on Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

  1. Sekolah Kebangsaan Sentul Utama
  2. Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Dhandayuthapani (GPS: 3.17597, 101.68786)

Colleges on Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

  1. Victoria International College (GPS: 3.17987, 101.68296)

Shopping Mall along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

  1. Riverwalk Village (GPS: 3.17947, 101.68311)

Buildings along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

  1. Bangunan Kit Ming (GPS: 3.16825, 101.69695)
  2. Bangunan PERKIM (GPS: 3.17107, 101.69291)
  3. Bangunan UMNO Selangor (GPS: 3.17069, 101.6934)
  4. Bank Rakyat Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah Branch (GPS: 3.17046, 101.69372)
  5. Low Yat & Sons Realty Building (GPS: 3.17998, 101.68275)
  6. Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (GPS: 3.17032, 101.6939)
  7. Wisma Chua Song Seng (GPS: 3.17277, 101.692)
  8. Wisma Mepro (GPS: 3.1687, 101.69614)
  9. Wisma Tan Chong (GPS: 3.1687, 101.69614)
  10. Wisma Tan Kim San (GPS: 3.18256, 101.68133)
  11. Wisma TCI (GPS: 3.18066, 101.68178)
  12. Wisma Yap Hui Hong (GPS: 3.17068, 101.69438)
  13. Wisma Yap Ka (GPS: 3.18141, 101.68174)

Businesses along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

  1. Do Re Mi Sound & Light Sdn Bhd (GPS: 3.16812, 101.69711)
  2. Hap Seng Star (Mercedes-Benz Showroom) (GPS: 3.17998, 101.68376)
  3. Shukri & Hardeep Specialist Eye Centre (GPS: 3.16825, 101.69695)

Streets that connect with Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

360° View of Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah on Google Maps Street View

Bus Stop at Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

Among the bus routes serving Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah include bus 26, 43, 100, U3, U4, U6(W), U6, U7, U8(W), U8, U11, U13, U14, U209 and U222.

Train Stations closest to Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

The southern end of Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah is served by the Chow Kit Monorail Station.

Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Kuala LumpurJalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Kuala Lumpur (2 September, 2010)

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