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Gua Kandu (GPS: 4.44893, 101.17356) is a cave system in the vicinity of Gopeng in the Kinta Valley. Located within a karst outcrop beside the North South Expressway, about half an hour from Gua Tempurung, the cave was used by the Japanese during the Second World War. Later, it was taken over by Communist guerillas as their hideout during the Emergency.

Today Gua Kandu is open to casual explorers. A private company is managing all the spelunking trips into the cave, in the company of guides. Visitors to the cave have to be prepared to do a bit of hiking. The entrance of the cave is through a steep climb. The ceiling of the cave is about 35 ft (11 meters) from the floor. It has stalagtites hanging down, looking like pieces of ceiling board.

To fully explore Gua Kandu, you will need over two hours. There are places where you have to crawl through, as the ceiling is just a few feet tall. Some parts of the cave appear to be a circular cavern, so if you aren't careful, you could end up going in circles.

Gua KanduGua Kandu (23 January, 2011)

 Timothy Tye

Unlike Gua Tempurung, the inside of Gua Kandu is not lit, so you need to bring your own torch. In places, ropes have been installed to help in climbing the steep sections. It is advisable that you bring along a change of clothes as you will be quite dirty after your climb through Gua Kandu.

As with most caves, you can expect numerous rock formation that resembles beasts and humans. Your guide will tell you their names as you encounter them.

In most parts of the cave, you will unfortunately encounter quite a bit of graffiti left behind by people who should not be born with hands. It is a reflection of the low civic-mindedness of early visitors. Now that the caves have been privatized, at least there are guides stationed there to warn against leaving graffiti.

View of Gua Kandu, with the karst outcrop, from afar.View of Gua Kandu, with the karst outcrop, from afar. (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakSignage for Gua Kandu (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakApproaching Gua Kandu (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakThe mouth of Gua Kandu (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakEntrance of Gua Kandu (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakRock wall at entrance of Gua Kandu (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakVisitors getting ready to enter Gua Kandu (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakMy wife at Gua Kandu (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakRock formation at entrance of Gua Kandu (23 January, 2011)

Graffiti at Gua Kandu, PerakGraffiti at Gua Kandu, Perak (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakRock surface at Gua Kandu is greenish in colour, due probably to copper oxidation. (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakSoaring formation at Gua Kandu (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakThe stalagmites at Gua Kandu (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakLight shining into Gua Kandu illuminates the inside of the cave. (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakView of stalactites at the ceiling of Gua Kandu (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakThis is how the rock formation of Gua Kandu looks like when illuminated (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakRock formations in Gua Kandu that look like a bull and Mary with Child (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakSpelunking in Gua Kandu (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakClimbing up the cliff inside Gua Kandu with rope (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakDark tunnel inside Gua Kandu (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakOpening at the end of Gua Kandu (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakNearing the opening of Gua Kandu, we could see the forest trees outside. (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu, PerakClimbing out of Gua Kandu (23 January, 2011)

Gua Kandu on Google Street View

The karst outcrop as seen from the North-South Expressway

How to go to Gua Kandu

Exit the North South Expressway Northern Route at the Gopeng Interchange (Exit 135) to the junction with Federal Route 1. Turn south on Federal Route 1. Stop your vehicle at the signboard that says "Selamat Datang - Kawasan DUN Tualang Sekah".

Signboard of Tualang SekahSignboard of Tualang Sekah (23 January 2011)

Turn in to a country road. There is a signboard here for Rumah Rehat & Murni Camp. The country road crosses the North South Expressway. Then you will see Gua Kandu on your left. There is a sign here saying "Entrance to Gua Kandu".

Entrance to Gua KanduEntrance to Gua Kandu (23 January 2011)

Gua Kandu is on the map of Gopeng

Gua Kandu is on the map of Caves in Malaysia


If you are keen to explore Gua Kandu, please contact the site operator.

Kandu Eco Adventure
Lot 9176 Gunung Mesah Hulu, Jalan Jahang
31600 Gopeng, Perak

Contact Person:
Mohd Marzuki: 019 510 1253
Norhayati Yusoff: 019 480 1253

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