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Perak Tong, Ipoh, Perak

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Perak Tong, Ipoh, PerakPerak Tong, Ipoh, Perak (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong (GPS: 4.64451, 101.09886) is one of the major cave temples in Ipoh, Perak. Located along Jalan Kuala Kangsar north of the North-South Expressway Interchange, it was established by a local Buddhist monk in 1926.

The entrance of the cave temple takes you into incense-filled caverns with gigantic Buddha statues. There is a constant stream of worshippers with lit joss sticks. The cave walls are painted with images of Buddhist saints, warriors and guardians.

Steep steps take you up to viewpoints high up in the cave. There are narrow passages as well as several levels of stairs to climb.

Outside Perak Tong is a man-made pond with the statue of the goddess of mercy. The pond is decorated with pavilions, weeping willows and arches. Perak Tong, Ipoh, PerakDevotees inside the cavernous Perak Tong in Ipoh. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong, IpohStatue of the Goddess of Mercy at a man-made pond at Perak Tong. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong, IpohChinese-style double-storey pavilion at Perak Tong. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong, IpohSeated Buddha statue at Perak Tong. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong, IpohDevotees milling past giant-size sentinels. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong, IpohGiant sentinels trampling on sinners in hell. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong, IpohLotus-shaped devotional candles are lit by devotees at the base of the giant seated Buddha. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong, IpohLit lotus-shaped devotional candles. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong, IpohA multi-hand Bodhisattva, one of numerous images within Perak Tong. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong, IpohFigurines of various Maitreyas in Perak Tong. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong, IpohTwo statues of Bùdài 布袋, a gigantic one behind a smaller but still larger-than-life-size one, inside Perak Tong. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong, IpohThe central figure here is, I believe, the Buddhist monk Xuánzàng 玄奘, from Journey to the West. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong, IpohFigures of various deities are installed in different corners of Perak Tong. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong, IpohMurals cover the walls of the cave at Perak Tong. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong, IpohStaircase winds up the side of Perak Tong. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong, IpohVisitors climbing the staircase to different parts of Perak Tong. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong, IpohMural of a Chinese sage on the cave wall at Perak Tong. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong, IpohSome parts of the stairway can get rather tight. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong, IpohThe stairway emerges to a pavilion on the outside. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong, IpohThe stairway coming down, on the outside of Perak Tong. (31 January, 2006)

Perak Tong on Google Maps Street View

Perak Tong (Nov 2017)

Perak Tong is on the map of the Cave Temples of Ipoh

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