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Tung Wah Tong 洞華東, Ipoh, Perak

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Tung Wah Tong, Tambun, PerakSteps lead up to the main altar of Tung Wah Tong. (12 August, 2017)

Timothy Tye

Tung Wah Tong (GPS: 4.64439, 101.15573) is a Chinese cave temple in the Tambun neighbourhood of Ipoh, Perak. The temple is perched on the sheer cliff side of Gunung Layang-Layang, ascended via a flight of stairs carved on the mountain side. It is located on Hala Perindustrian Perpaduan off Jalan Tambun, near The Haven Resort Ipoh, and you can see this temple from the resort. The temple serves as a meditation retreat for Buddhist devotees.

The principal deity of Tung Wah Tong is the Jade Emperor. As such the main festive days of this temple is to celebrate the deity's birthday, which falls on the 9th day of the 1st month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. In addition, another festive day for this temple is the 6th day of the 11th lunar month.

As with most of the Chinese temple, veneration is not limited to a single deity. In addition to the Jade Emperor, there is also a shrine dedicated to the Tua Pek Kong.
Tung Wah Tong, Tambun, PerakTung Wah Tong signage (12 August, 2017)

Tung Wah Tong, Tambun, PerakEntrance arch of Tung Wah Tong Temple (12 August, 2017)

Tung Wah Tong, Tambun, PerakView of Tung Wah Tong Temple from the foot of Gunung Layang-Layang (12 August, 2017)

Tung Wah Tong, Tambun, PerakTua Pek Kong shrine at Tung Wah Tong Temple. (12 August, 2017)

Tung Wah Tong, Tambun, PerakFront door of the Tua Pek Kong Shrine. The door is usually unlocked during the day, but visitors need to open it themselves. The door is kept shut the whole time, to prevent monkeys from entering. (12 August, 2017)

Tung Wah Tong, Tambun, PerakSteps leading up to another building in the Tung Wah Tong temple complex. (12 August, 2017)

Tung Wah Tong, Tambun, PerakEntrance to the Yán Bǎo Wáng Cáng De 嚴寳王藏地 prayer hall. (12 August, 2017)

Tung Wah Tong, Tambun, PerakInterior of Yán Bǎo Wáng Cáng De, which is a cave, with various images of deities. (12 August, 2017)

Tung Wah Tong, Tambun, PerakClose up view of the various images. (12 August, 2017)

Tung Wah Tong, Tambun, PerakView from Tung Wah Tong Temple. Visible in the distance is The Haven Resort Ipoh (12 August, 2017)

Tung Wah Tong, Tambun, PerakPavilion with a table and chairs, for visitors to take a rest and enjoy the view. (12 August, 2017)

Tung Wah Tong, Tambun, PerakEntrance to the main cave temple of Tung Wah Tong. The entrance is flanked by a pair of door gods. Unlike most temples, these are not part of the door. (12 August, 2017)

Tung Wah Tong, Tambun, PerakMain prayer hall of Tung Wah Tong Temple, housed within a cave. The principal deity is the Jade Emperor. (12 August, 2017)

Tung Wah Tong, Tambun, PerakAncestral tablets installed here for veneration. (12 August, 2017)

Tung Wah Tong, Tambun, PerakView from within the main temple of Tung Wah Tong. (12 August, 2017)

Photos of Tung Wah Tong from 2006

I noticed Tung Wah Tong back in 2006. At that time, I only took a photo from the outside without entering.

Tung Wah Tong, Tambun, PerakView of Tung Wah Tong in 2006. (31 January, 2006)

Tung Wah Tong, Tambun, PerakView of the main temple of Tung Wah Tong perched on the side of Gunung Layang-Layang. (31 January, 2006)

Tung Wah Tong on Google Maps Street View

Tung Wah Tong (April 2018)

Tung Wah Tong is on the map of Ipoh

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