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Rapid Kamunting RKM10 Taiping Loop Bus Service

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RKM10 is a bus service operated by Rapid Kamunting. The route, which covers the towns of Kamunting and Taiping, is also known as the Taiping Loop. It starts and ends at Hentian Kamunting Raya. The frequency of RKM10 is about 45-55 minutes per bus. This service operates from 6:00am in the morning until 10:00pm at night. There are two routes, one going in a clockwise direction (RKM 10A) and the other in the anti-clockwise direction (RKM 10B)

Route of RKM10A (Taiping Loop) of Rapid Kamunting

Hentian Kamunting Raya - Jalan Stesen Kamunting - Jalan Kamunting - AEON Mall - Jalan Istana Larut - Tesco Taiping - Taiping Sentral Mall - Jalan Ong Saik - Jalan Taming Sari - Jalan Idris - Jalan Kota - Jalan Iskandar - Taiping Bus Hub - Jalan Kota - Jalan Stesen - Taiping Railway Station - Jalan Izzudin Shah - Giant Hypermarket - Kamunting Industrial Park - Taman Yayasan - Taman Mewah - Econsave Kamunting - Jalan Kamunting Lama - Jalan Stesen Kamunting - Hentian Kamunting Raya.

Map of RKM 10 (Taiping Loop) of Rapid Kamunting

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