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KLIA2 User GuideKLIA2 User Guide (3 April, 2017)

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KLIA2 (GPS: 2.74477, 101.68513) is the low-cost carrier airport terminal of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. This terminal was built at a cost of about RM4 billion, and is the largest terminal built purposely for low-cost carriers in the world. KLIA2 began commercial operations on 1 May, 2014 and was officially opened on 9 May, 2014. The terminal covers 257,000 square meters. It replaced the now demolished temporary low-cost carrier terminal, LCCT.

KLIA2 has 68 departure gates and 80 aerobridges. It uses the same airport code KUL, as the main airport. Airlines flying from KLIA2, at time of writing (April 2017) are AirAsia, Tigerair, Malindo Air and Cebu Pacific.

To provide you relation information on KLIA2, I break down this page into three different sections, Departing from KLIA2, Arriving at KLIA2 and Transiting at KLIA2. If you are arriving at the KLIA main terminal, please click on this KLIA link for information relevant to you regarding the main terminal.

KLIA2 Control TowerKLIA2 and its Control Tower (9 July, 2016)

KLIA2 User GuideA pier with aerobridges at KLIA2 (5 April, 2017)

KLIA2 User GuideKLIA2 main terminal building (5 April, 2017)

An AirAsia plane at KLIA2An AirAsia plane at KLIA2 (5 April, 2017)

Departing from KLIA2

KLIA2 is about 70km from downtown Kuala Lumpur. You will need at least one hour road travel time to reach it, depending on traffic.

If someone is driving you there, he can drive up the ramp to the curb side of departure level and drop you off. It's drop and go. He is not allowed to wait there for a prolong period. Anybody planning to be at KLIA2 for an extended time should proceed to the car park. KLIA2's massive multi-storey car park has a whopping 6,490 covered parking bays, including 52 bays for disabled drivers. The parking fee is RM4 per hour for the first 3 hours, followed by RM3 per hour for the 4th to 9th hour, and RM2 per hour for 10th to the 17th hour, up to a maximum of RM46 per day.

KLIA2 User GuideAs you approach KLIA2, take the left lane for Departure Hall. For extended period, proceed to the car park (Tempat Letak Kereta). (9 July, 2016)

KLIA2 User GuideCurbside passenger drop off at KLIA2. (9 July, 2016)

Curbside drop off (Apr 2015)

KLIA2 User GuideOn the left is the KLIA2 multi-storey car park. DO NOT park your car along the road side, like the cars you see in this picture. (9 July, 2016)

KLIA2 User GuideView of ramp towards the KLIA2 Departure Hall. (9 July, 2016)

If you are going to KLIA2 on your own, your options include taking the taxi, the train and self-drive.

Taxi: Any taxi in Kuala Lumpur can drive you to KLIA2. Many will be reluctant to use the meter, but try your best to get them to use it. Otherwise, agree to a fare before hopping in. A ride to KLIA2 will cost you between RM80 and RM100. Taking a taxi is a good option if you are traveling as a group.

Trains: Both the KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit trains stop at KLIA2 after stopping at KLIA main terminal. The train fare from KL Sentral to KLIA2 is RM55 (Apr 2017). However, if you go by KLIA Transit, and travel to Putrajaya/Cyberjaya and then buy another ticket from Putrajaya/Cyberjaya to KLIA2, the total fare is just RM23.40. Of course, it all depends on how much time you have on your hands.

You may park at the KLIA2 car park for an extended period of up to 18 days. For one day, the rate is RM46, but goes down the more days you leave your car there, up to a maximum of RM438 for 18 days.

Located between the curbside drop-off and the main terminal of KLIA2 is a shopping mall called [email protected]. This "shopping mall within an airport" has shop outlets and eateries spread over an area of 70,000 square meters. To be exact, shopping is found not only there, but also within the departure hall, arrival hall, and all the way towards the piers.

gateway@klia2 shopping mall[email protected] shopping mall (9 July, 2016)

gateway@klia2 shopping mall[email protected] shopping mall (9 July, 2016)

Upon arriving at KLIA2, you should first proceed to check in and obtain your boarding pass. Many of the airlines including Air Asia now offer the option of self-check in using the touch-screen check in machine, which will scan your passport (hold the main page of your passport face down on the scanner so that it reads your details) and issue your boarding pass. Otherwise, look for the manual check in counters.

Entrance to KLIA2 Departure Hall, from gateway@klia2Entrance to KLIA2 Departure Hall, from [email protected] (5 April, 2017)

KLIA2 Departure HallKLIA2 Departure Hall (5 April, 2017)

KLIA2 Check-In CountersKLIA2 Check-In Counters (5 April, 2017)

KLIA2 Check-In CountersKLIA2 Check-In Counters (5 April, 2017)

Domestic Departures are separated from International Departures. Entrance to International Departures is at the centre of the Departure Hall, while entrance to Domestic Departures is on the left corner of Departure Hall. Piers P, Q and L are for International Departures while Piers J and K are for Domestic Departures.

Entrance to International Departures at KLIA2Entrance to International Departures at KLIA2 (5 April, 2017)

If you are taking a domestic flight, your departure gate will be at either Pier J or K. The entrance is on the left of the entrance to International Departures. The Security at the entrance will check your boarding pass and then you proceed to your pier.

KLIA2 Pier JTravelator to KLIA2 Pier J (5 April, 2017)

If you are taking an international flight at Piers P or Q, you will cross from the KLIA2 main building to the piers via a skybridge. When you arrive on the other side, there is yet another shopping mall that awaits you. Navigate through the mall to look for the escalators to Piers P and Q.

KLIA2 SkybridgeKLIA2 Skybridge (5 April, 2017)

Shopping mall at KLIA2 near piers P and QShopping mall at KLIA2 near piers P and Q (5 April, 2017)

KLIA2 User GuideFollow the signage for Piers P and Q and take the escalator down. (5 April, 2017)

KLIA2 User GuideEscalator to departure gates on Piers P and Q at KLIA2. (5 April, 2017)

Arriving at KLIA2

Arriving at KLIA2 is quite straightforward. Upon arrival, follow the signages to exit the airport. The terminal has five piers namely J, K, L, P and Q. In any case, you will be directed to baggage claim, and if you're on an international flight, than customs and immigration.

Baggage carousel at KLIA2Baggage carousel at KLIA2 (5 April, 2017)

If someone is fetching you from the airport, have him wait for you at the Arrival Hall. Naturally, if it is a stranger, then it helps if he holds up a signage with your name on it.

If you are leaving KLIA2 on your own, your options include train, taxi, bus and rented car.

Taking the train out of KLIA2

The Express Rail Link trains, namely KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit, connects KLIA2 with KLIA and KL Sentral. The train station is on the second floor of the airport mall, [email protected] The non-stop KLIA Ekspres train can take you to KL Sentral in downtown Kuala Lumpur in 28 minutes. The fare is RM55 one way.

The alternative is the KLIA Transit, which is similar but makes a couple of stops. However, if you take the KLIA Transit trains, you can enjoy a cheaper fare if you purchase your ticket to Putrajaya/Cyberjaya, hop off, then purchase another ticket to go to KL Sentral. It will take longer, of course, but the difference in price is a lot.

KLIA2 train ticket counterKLIA2 train ticket counter (5 April, 2017)

Taking the bus out of KLIA2

SkyBus and Aerobus offer bus services between KLIA2 and KL Sentral, at RM10. You can buy your tickets at the counter, at the Ground Transport Hub, on the ground floor of [email protected] Tickets for SkyBus can also be purchased when you book your flight by AirAsia, but note that it is not refundable in case you change your mind. Nevertheless, it only costs RM7.20 prebooked with AirAsia, so you do not lose much if you end up not travelling on the bus.

Star Shuttle offers bus services to the Pekeliling Bus Terminal (RM10 one way), Batu 3 Ipoh Road as well as to other towns.

Taking the taxi out of KLIA2

If you decide to take the taxi from KLIA2, head for the taxi counter at the Ground Transport Hub, on the ground floor of [email protected] You have the option of Coupon Taxi, Metered Taxi and Premier Taxi. With Coupon and Metered, you are more or less getting the same thing, the red-and-white taxis, except with the coupon you pre-pay a fixed fare while with meter, you pay RM2 to board the metered taxi, and pay the rest of the fare based on the meter, upon arrival. There are queues for Coupon and Metered, depending on which you choose.

In addition to the above two, there's the Premier Taxi, which are the blue taxis, which will cost you almost double the amount of the normal priced red-and-white taxis. As these taxis get fewer passengers, you are likely to start your journey immediately, rather than having to wait in queue for quite some time.

Taking the rented car out of KLIA2

Driving a rented car out of KLIA2 is pretty much the same as out of KLIA, as both connects to the KLIA Extension Expressway that links to the ELITE Expressway (E6). This is the expressway that connects you eventually to Kuala Lumpur. It is a good idea to pre-book your rented car from a licensed car rental agencies.

Inter-airport Transit

If your next flight is at KLIA2, you can transit without leaving the terminal. If flying on AirAsia throughout, you could direct your baggage to final destination, so you do not have to retrieve them from the baggage carousel. At the same time, you should obtain your boarding pass when you check in.

If you are transfering from a domestic flight to an international flight, look for the signage for International Transfer. This will take you through passport clearance, after which, you can proceed to your gate.

If your next flight is at KLIA, the main airport, I would recommend that you board the KLIA Ekspres/KLIA Transit high-speed train to take you there. These trains take just 3 minutes to take you to the main airport, and presently (March 2015) costs RM2. The train continues all the way to KL Sentral.

KLIA2 International TransferKLIA2 International Transfer (3 April, 2017)

KLIA2 is on the map of Airports of Malaysia

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