1. Aonang: Subdistrict of Krabi Province.

  2. Ao Sane Beach: Sandy beach in Phuket.

  3. Ban Bangtao: Muslim village in Central Phuket.

  4. Ban Thale Noi: Village to the west of Lake Thale Noi.

  5. Bangpae Waterfall: Biggest waterfall in Phuket.

  6. Bangtao Beach: Crescent-shaped bay in Western Phuket.

  7. Ban Thalat Choeng Thale: Chinese settlement in Central Phuket.

  8. Chiang Mai Gate Market: Local market in the old city of Chiang Mai.

  9. City Wall of Chiang Mai: Medieval wall that encircles the old city.

  10. City Wall of Lamphun: Medieval wall that encircles the old town.

  11. Doi Inthanon: Highest mountain in Thailand.

  12. Doi Suthep: Name of hill on which is an important Thai Buddhist temple.

  13. Emerald Sea Cave: Sea Cave on Ko Muk island in Trang Province.

  14. Gibbon Rehabilitation Project: Wildlife conservation centre in Phuket.

  15. Great Songkhla Lake: Large body of water which is in fact a lagoon in Songkhla Province.

  16. Inthanon Royal Project Research Station: Horticultural research station established by His Majesty the King of Thailand.

  17. Kamala Beach: Beach on the west coast of Phuket.

  18. Kathu: District in South Central Phuket.

  19. Khai Tao Beach: Viewpoint from Phatthalung Province toward the Great Songkhla Lake.

  20. Khao Chaison Hot Spring: Hot spring in Phatthalung Province.

  21. Khao Chang: Hill in Phangnga Province with the appearance of a reclining elephant.

  22. Khao Rang: Hill in Phuket City.

  23. Khlong Thom: Saline hot spring in Krabi Province.

  24. King Inthawichayanon Stupa: Stupa of King Inthanon at the peak of Doi Inthanon.

  25. Ko Chueak: Small island in Trang Province.

  26. Ko Hae: Holiday island to the south of Phuket.

  27. Ko Khao Phing Kan: Island in Phangnga Bay commonly known as James Bond Island.

  28. Ko Kradan: Holiday island in Trang Province.

  29. Ko Maiphai: Island in Krabi Province erroneously named Bamboo Island.

  30. Ko Ma Tang Ming: Limestone outcrop north of Ko Poda.

  31. Ko Muk: Limestone island in Trang Province best known for its sea cave.

  32. Ko Ngai: Holiday island in Krabi Province accessed via Trang Province.

  33. Ko Panyi: Island in Phangnga Bay with a sea gypsy village.

  34. Ko Poda: Island in Krabi Province.

  35. Ko Poda Nok: Island in Krabi Province nicknamed Chicken Island.

  36. Ko Tap: Small island with sandbar linking it to Ko Mor and Ko Poda.

  37. Ko Tapu: Karst outcrop in the sea across from James Bond Island.

  38. Ku Chang-Ku Ma: Two medieval chedis erected to house the remains of beloved royal animals.

  39. Laem Singh Beach: Secluded beach in Central Western Phuket.

  40. Laem Son: A headland in Central Western Phuket.

  41. Laguna Phuket: Award-winning resort in Central Western Phuket.

  42. Lanna Architecture Center: Centre that exhibits and researches Lanna architecture.

  43. Larn Ta Chu Steak House: Large restaurant north of Phatthalung town centre.

  44. Layan Beach: Beach on the northern end of Central Western Phuket.

  45. Le Khao Kop Cave: Cave system in Trang Province.

  46. Little House on Thale Luang: House on stilt above the waters of Thale Luang.

  47. Loh Samah Bay: Bay on the southside of Phi Phi Le Island.

  48. Mae Ya Waterfall: Waterfall in Doi Inthanon National Park.

  49. Maya Bay: Bay with the widest beach on Phi Phi Le Island.

  50. Naithon Beach: Quiet beach on the northern side of Phuket.

  51. Nai Yang Beach: Beach close to the Phuket International Airport.

  52. National Archives, Chiang Mai Branch

  53. Night Bazaar, Chiang Mai: Famous bazaar that operates in the evening part of the day.

  54. Nong Buak Hard Public Park: Park in Chiang Mai.

  55. Noppharat Thara Beach: Beach in Aonang.

  56. Pak Meng Beach: Jetty area in Trang Province for boat trips to the off shore islands.

  57. Pansea Beach: Beach in Central Western Phuket.

  58. Patong Beach: Most famous tourist beach in Phuket.

  59. Phangnga Bay: Bay with lots of limestone islands.

  60. Phra Nang Chamathewi Monument: Monument to the queen who was the first ruler of Lamphun.

  61. Phuket: Largest island and major tourist destination in southern Thailand.

  62. Phuket City: Administrative centre for the province of Phuket.

  63. Phuket FantaSea: Cultural performance in Phuket.

  64. Pileh Lagoon: Lagoon surrounded by tall limestone cliffs in Phi Phi Le Island.

  65. Promthep Cape: Cape at the southernmost tip of Phuket Island.

  66. Rua Rasada Hotel: Hotel in Trang Province that is shaped like a ship.

  67. Sairung Waterfall: Waterfall in Trang Province.

  68. San Lak Muang: City pillar shrine of Sukhothai.

  69. Sarasin Bridge: Pedestrianised bridge between Phuket and the Thai mainland.

  70. Similan Islands: Archipelago to the west of Phangnga Province.

  71. Siriphum Waterfall: Waterfall in Doi Inthanon National Park.

  72. Sra Morakot: Natural pool with crystal-clear waters in Krabi.

  73. Sukhothai Historical Park: Park for appreciating the ruins of Sukhothai.

  74. Surin Beach: Beach in Central Western Phuket.

  75. Susan Hoi: Fossil beach in Krabi.

  76. Tha Phae Gate: Gate on the eastern side of the Old City of Chiang Mai.

  77. Thalang: District, and former administrative centre, of Phuket.

  78. Thale Luang: Large body of water between Thale Noi and the Great Songkhla Lake.

  79. Thale Noi: Lake with waterfowl sanctuary in Phatthalung Province.

  80. Thapom: Canal of crystal clear water in Krabi.

  81. Thao Thepkrasattri Bridge: Bridge connecting Phuket to the mainland.

  82. Tonsai Bay: The main settlement on the Phi Phi Archipelago.

  83. Trang Night Market: Small town night market.

  84. Three Kings Monument: Monument in the heart of Chiang Mai.

  85. Vachiratharn Waterfall: Waterfall in Doi Inthanon National Park.

  86. Viking Cave: Cave on Phi Phi Le Island where birdnest is harvested.

  87. Wat Bang Riang: Thai Buddhist temple complex in Phangnga Province.

  88. Wat Bupparam: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  89. Wat Chai Phrakiat: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  90. Wat Chai Si Phum: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  91. Wat Chalong: Main Thai Buddhist temple in Phuket.

  92. Wat Chamathewi: Wat in Lamphun.

  93. Wat Chana Songkhram: Temple ruins in Sukhothai.

  94. Wat Chang Kham: Wat in Wiang Kum Kam.

  95. Wat Chang Taem: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  96. Wat Chedi Luang: Major wat in Chiang Mai.

  97. Wat Chediliem: Wat in Wiang Kum Kam.

  98. Wat Cheitta: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  99. Wat Chetawan: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  100. Wat Chiang Man: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  101. Wat Doi Suthep: Famous hill temple in Chiang Mai.

  102. Wat Dok Kham: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  103. Wat E-Kang: Wat in Wiang Kum Kam.

  104. Wat Inthakhin Sadeu Muang: Wat in the heart of Chiang Mai.

  105. Wat Kai Kaeo: Wat in Lamphun.

  106. Wat Kitti: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  107. Wat Ku Khao: Wat in Wiang Kum Kam.

  108. Wat Mahathat, Sukhothai: Biggest temple ruins in Sukhothai.

  109. Wat Mahawan, Chiang Mai: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  110. Wat Mahawan, Lamphun: Wat in Lamphun.

  111. Wat Mai: Temple ruins in Sukhothai.

  112. Wat Muen Lan: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  113. Wat Muen San: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  114. Wat Nantharam: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  115. Wat Nong Jed Lin: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  116. Wat Pa Pao: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  117. Wat Pan Whaen: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  118. Wat Phabong: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  119. Wat Phan On: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  120. Wat Phan On: Wat with beautiful teak viharn in Chiang Mai.

  121. Wat Phranang Sang: Buddhist temple in Central Phuket.

  122. Wat Phra Chao Mengrai: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  123. Wat Phra Singh: Major wat in Chiang Mai.

  124. Wat Phra That Haripunchai: Biggest wat in Lamphun and the most important in northern Thailand.

  125. Wat Pupia: Wat in Wiang Kum Kam.

  126. Wat Puak Taem: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  127. Wat Phra Yuen: Wat in Lamphun.

  128. Wat Saen Fang: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  129. Wat Sao Hin: Wat in Wiang Kum Kam.

  130. Wat Si Bunruang: Wat in Wiang Kum Kam.

  131. Wat Si Koet: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  132. Wat Suan Dok: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  133. Wat Sum Pow: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  134. Wat Taat Klang: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  135. Wat Thamsua: Forest temple in Krabi.

  136. Wat That Kaow: Wat in Wiang Kum Kam.

  137. Wat Thatkam: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  138. Wat Thainoi: Wat in Wiang Kum Kam.

  139. Wat Tung Yu: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  140. Wat Wihan Sung: Thai Buddhist temple in Phatthalung Province noted as a centre for amulets.

  141. Wat Yang Kuang: Wat in Chiang Mai.

  142. Wiang Kum Kam: Ancient city to the south of Chiang Mai.

  143. Wiang Kum Kam Information Centre: The place to get to know the history of Wiang Kum Kam.