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Singapore Travel TipsSingapore Travel Tips (29 July, 2017)

B. Melayu

 Timothy Tye

Tim's Singapore is my own travel guide to tell you everything I know about Singapore, so that you discover and enjoy your visit. I want to provide you useful information to plan for your trip and explore Singapore area by area. To write this guide, I walked the streets, took the MRT, I ate in as many places as I can, and photographed everything in sight. I also did a lot of research, not only on Singapore in general but each locality as well. I continue to update the information on this website regularly, adding pages and photographs.

Singapore, or officially the Republic of Singapore, is an island nation in Southeast Asia. It is located at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula. It is separated from Malaysia by the Straits of Johor, but is linked to the country by the Causeway and the Second Link. The Singapore Straits separates it from the Riau Islands of Indonesia.

Timothy TyeLet me share all that I know and all that I enjoy of Singapore with you. (29 July, 2017)

553 sights and 190 streets in Singapore, described in detail, with photos!

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Map of the Expressways and Streets of Singapore

This map shows all the roads in Singapore that I have described. Regular roads are in red, expressways are in green. Click on any of them for my description.

Map of Singapore MRT Lines and Stations

On the map below are the MRT lines and stations that I have described.

Administrative Divisions of Singapore

For planning purposes, Singapore is divided into five regions namely the Central Region, East Region, North Region, North-East Region and West Region. These regions are then subdivided into planning areas, which are the de facto districts. However, they are not electorial district boundaries, which determine the town council boundaries. Each town council can consist of a Group Representation Constituency (GRC), a Single Member Constituency (SMC) or a collection of GRCs and SMCs controlled by the same political party. The boundary of a town council may change from time to time, whereas the boundary of a planning area is likely to be of a more permanent nature. The planning areas are group by region as follows:

Map of the Urban Planning Areas of Singapore

The map below shows the Urban Planning Areas of Singapore. I refer to this map when describing sights on this website. For example, if I mention Bishan, you can search from this map to find out where it is located.

Postal Districts of Singapore

In addition to Urban Planning Areas, the places in Singapore are also divided by Postal Districts. There are a total of 28 postal districts, numbered District 01 to District 28. By looking at the first two digits of a Singapore postal code, you can determine which postal district that place is located. As the postal districts do not exactly correspond to the urban planning areas, expect some overlaps and crossovers. Postal districts have a significant bearing on the value of real estate. Therefore it is often used by realtors and property agents when appraising the value of residential and commercial properties.

On the map below, I show you the 28 postal districts. Click on any of these districts to see the first two-digit of Singapore postal codes within the district.

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Downtown SingaporeDowntown Singapore (29 July, 2017)
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