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Maxwell Road, Singapore

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Maxwell Road, SingaporeMaxwell Road, Singapore (27 July, 2017)

Maxwell Road is a major road in downtown Singapore. It runs through the southern part of the Downtown Core, from Chinatown to the Central Business District. It presently connects Straits Boulevard, at the intersection with Shenton Way, to South Bridge Road, at the junction with Neil Road. In between, it forms junctions with Anson Road, Robinson Road, Cecil Street, Wallich Street, Peck Seah Street, Kadayanallur Street and Tanjong Pagar Road.

Maxwell Road was named in 1925 to remember the contribution of the Maxwell family which spans three generations. Sir Peter Benson Maxwell served as Recorder of Singapore from 1866 to 1871. His eldest son became a magistrate in Penang. His second son Sir William Edward Maxwell became the colonial secretary and Acting Governor of the Straits Settlements in 1893-1894. His third son Robert Walter Maxwell became the Inspector General of Police between 1891 and 1894 and his youngest son Francis R.O. Maxwell became the Resident of Sarawak.

Several of Sir William's sons also served the British Straits and Indian army. Maxwell Road in Penang was named after Sir William Edward Maxwell, as was Maxwell Road in Kuala Lumpur, which is today called Jalan Tun Ismail.

I will describe it beginning at the junction with South Bridge Road and Tanjong Pagar Road. On the left side of Maxwell Road is the Maxwell Food Centre while on the right is Fairfield Methodist Church. Further down, we see the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA Centre) on the left, followed by the Ministry of National Development (MND). Across from MND, on the right side of Maxwell Road is the Red Dot Design Museum. On the same side as MND is Telok Ayer Park, and across from it, a white building Next to it is a white building often called the White House, but is officially known as Maxwell Chambers. It is at the junction with Wallich Street and Anson Road.

Across the junction are the skyscrapers of Shenton Way such as the CPF Building and 8 Shenton Way. Continuing down Maxwell Road across Shenton Way, you pass the Singapore Conference Hall on your left, while on your right you see Yess Leisure Centre and NTUC Club. Maxwell Road now continues along a leafy, palm-tree-lined stretch before ending at Marina Station Road.

Map of Maxwell Road

Sights along Maxwell Road

  1. Airview Building (GPS: 1.27902, 103.84504)
  2. AXA Tower (GPS: 1.27585, 103.84727)
  3. Capital Tower (GPS: 1.2778, 103.84771)
  4. CPF Building (GPS: 1.27733, 103.84812)
  5. Fairfield Methodist Church (GPS: 1.27726, 103.84641)
  6. Jinricksha Station (GPS: 1.28038, 103.84381)
  7. Maxwell Chambers (GPS: 1.27726, 103.84641)
  8. Maxwell Food Centre (GPS: 1.27726, 103.84641)
  9. Maxwell House (GPS: 1.279, 103.84584)
  10. Maxwell MRT Station (GPS: 1.28055, 103.84366) Jan 2018: under construction
  11. MND Building (GPS: 1.279, 103.84584)
  12. Murray Terrace (GPS: 1.279, 103.84584)
  13. OUE Downtown (GPS: 1.27672, 103.84825)
  14. Red Dot Design Museum (GPS: 1.27823, 103.84562)
  15. Tanjong Pagar MRT Station (GPS: 1.27664, 103.84665)
  16. Telok Ayer Park (GPS: 1.27798, 103.84676)
  17. The URA Centre (GPS: 1.27967, 103.84532)

How to reach Maxwell Road

Take the East West Line to the Tanjong Pagar MRT Station.

AXA Tower, SingaporeAXA Tower, Singapore (27 July, 2017)

Maxwell Road on Google Street View

Maxwell Road (Sep 2015)

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