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Sisters' Islands (Pulau Subar Darat)

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Sisters' Islands is a collective name for two islands in the Southern Islands group in Singapore. The two islands are Big Sister's Island, also called Pulau Subar Laut in Malay, and Little Sister's Island, or Pulau Subar Darat. A narrow channel separates these two islands.

Sisters' IslandsSisters' Islands
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There is a legend over how the islands got their name. Once upon a time, there were two orphan sisters named Linah and Minah. They lived with a distant uncle after their father, and then their mother, passed away.

One day, while Linah was out to fetch water, she encountered a group of pirates. Upon seeing how beautiful she was, the pirate head wanted to make her as his wife. However she ran away when the pirates gave chase.

The next day the pirates arrived at their house and took Linah with them by force. Minah swam after the pirate ship. Just then, a big storm came, and Minah drowned in the sea. On seeing her sister, Linah jumped into the sea and she also drowned.

After the storm had passed, villagers saw that there were two islands on the spot where the sisters drowned. They then gave these islands the name Pulau Subar Laut and Pulau Subar Darat.

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