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Singapore MRT Thomson-East Coast Line

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The Thomson-East Coast MRT Line is a planned mass rapid transit line of the Singapore MRT. The sixth MRT line in Singapore, it is created through the merger of the planned Thomson-East Coast MRT Line and Eastern Region Line. The line will be fully underground, and will have 31 stations over a distance of 43 kilometers (27 miles).

The Thomson-East Coast Line will be a fully automatic, driverless system. The line starts in Woodlands North and ends at Sungei Bedok. Along the way it will pass through Woodlands, Sin Ming, Orchard, Outram Park and the Downtown Core.

The first stage of the Thomson-East Coast Line is expected to open to commuters in 2019, with the second stage in 2020, third stage in 2021, fourth stage in 2023 and final stage in 2024. The line is presently colour coded brown, but may be changed later. Each station on the Thomson-East Coast MRT Line carries the letter "TS" followed by the Station Number.

Planning for the Thomson-East Coast Line goes back to its initial announcement on 25 January, 2008. Construction work on the line began in January 2014, with a groundbreaking ceremony conducted in Woodlands on 27 June, 2014. There will be just three stations in Stage 1, namely the Woodlands North MRT Station, the existing Woodlands MRT Station and Woodlands South MRT Station. The Woodlands MRT Station will serve as an interchange for the Thomson-East Coast Line with the North South Line.

At time of this update (June 2016), stations in Stage 2 and Stage 3 are under construction.

Map of the Thomson-East Coast Line

Stations on the MRT Thomson-East Coast MRT Line

  1. Woodlands North MRT Station (GPS: 1.4488, 103.78565, TE1)
  2. Woodlands MRT Station (GPS: 1.43701, 103.78646, TE2/NS9)
  3. Woodlands South MRT Station (GPS: 1.42741, 103.79371, TE3)
  4. Springleaf MRT Station (GPS: 1.39837, 103.81799, TE4)
  5. Lentor MRT Station (GPS: 1.38461, 103.83655, TE5)
  6. Mayflower MRT Station (GPS: 1.37147, 103.83669, TE6)
  7. Bright Hill MRT Station (GPS: 1.3638, 103.83354, TE7)
  8. Upper Thomson MRT Station (GPS: 1.35452, 103.83296, TE8)
  9. Caldecott MRT Station (GPS: 1.33776, 103.8394, TE9/CC17)
  10. Mount Pleasant MRT Station (GPS: 1.3286, 103.83504, TE10)
  11. Stevens MRT Station (GPS: 1.32008, 103.8259, TE11/DT10)
  12. Napier MRT Station (GPS: 1.30638, 103.81888, TE12)
  13. Orchard Boulevard MRT Station (GPS: 1.30243, 103.82395, TE13)
  14. Orchard MRT Station (GPS: 1.30468, 103.83195, TE14/NS22)
  15. Great World MRT Station (GPS: 1.29477, 103.83304, TE15)
  16. Havelock MRT Station (GPS: 1.2885, 103.83342, TE16)
  17. Outram Park MRT Station (GPS: 1.28153, 103.83914, TE17/EW16/NE3)
  18. Maxwell MRT Station (GPS: 1.28055, 103.84366, TE18)
  19. Shenton Way MRT Station (GPS: 1.27765, 103.85025, TE19)
  20. Marina Bay MRT Station (GPS: 1.27613, 103.85461, TE20/NS27/CE2)
  21. Marina South MRT Station (GPS: 1.27418, 103.86324, TE21)
  22. Gardens by the Bay MRT Station (GPS: 1.28044, 103.86871, TE22)
  23. Tanjong Rhu MRT Station (GPS: 1.29712, 103.87318, TE23)
  24. Katong Park MRT Station (GPS: 1.29767, 103.88577, TE24)
  25. Tanjong Katong MRT Station (GPS: 1.29924, 103.89734, TE24)
  26. Marine Parade MRT Station (GPS: 1.30411, 103.90685, TE26)
  27. Marine Terrace MRT Station (GPS: 1.30661, 103.91494, TE27)
  28. Siglap MRT Station (GPS: 1.30958, 103.92896, TE28)
  29. Bayshore MRT Station (GPS: 1.31359, 103.94085, TE29)
  30. Bedok South MRT Station (GPS: 1.31741, 103.94844, TE30)
  31. Sungei Bedok MRT Station (GPS: 1.32087, 103.95817, TE31/DT37)


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