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Sanam Luang, Bangkok

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Sanam Luang (28 October 2006)

Sanam Luang is a big field in the Rattanakosin district of Bangkok. It is 74 Rai 63 Wa is size, equivalent to about 30 acres. Sanam Luang is also known by its official name, Thung Phra Mane, meaning royal cremation ground, because since the reign of King Rama I, Thai kings, queens and high-ranking princes were cremated here. In 1855, King Mongkut (Rama IV) changed its name from Thung Phra Mane to Thung Sanam Luang. That is today further shortened to Sanam Luang.

As mentioned, royal funerals had been held at Sanam Luang since the reign of King Rama I. During the reign of King Rama III, it was also used for growing rice. The Royal Ploughing Ceremony and Ceremony of Calling the Rain were set up here by King Rama IV. Pavilions and towers were erected for the king to watch the ceremony. Under King Rama V, Sanam Luang was enlarged. The pavilions and towers were demolished and it was no longer necessary to grow rice within the vicinity of the Royal Palace. In 1897, the Centennial Celebration of Bangkok was held here soon after King Rama V returned from Europe.

The present king still uses Sanam Luang every 11 March for the Ploughing Ceremony and Ceremony of Calling the Rain. The last cremation to take place here was that of the Princess Mother of Thailand, Somdej Phra Srinagarindra Boromarajachondeni, in 1997.

Today, Sanam Luang is an open public park. On weekends, you can see people coming here for kite flying - some times there are also kite flying competitions held here. The Fine Arts Department has inscribed Sanam Luang as a historical site in 1977, according to a royal decree.

Getting there

Sanam Luang is bordered by Ratchadamnoen Nai Road, Na Phra Lan Road, Na Phra That Road and a part of Rachini Road. As the Skytrain and Metro do not pass anywhere near here, the best way to reach Sanam Luang is by taxi. Be sure to visit the nearby sights as well.

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Sanam Luang (28 October 2006)

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